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Thread: We've had a rough time

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    Unhappy We've had a rough time

    I'll try to make a long story short but my son was born on April 12 with some trouble coming out (umbilical cord wrapped, tough delivery, came out with square shoulders..). He got to see me for about 10 minutes before getting whisked away to the nursery. His first meal was given to him by bottle instead if being able to BF, and because of low blood sugar the nurse insisted he get a bottle again that night. Well, we stayed in the hospital for another two days and I finally got my son latching on pretty good. Then we went home and the very next day his grandma gave him a bottle.... so we worked on latching on again.

    I was feeling really good about our whole BFing relationship when a week later we landed in the ER because he had a fever of 104. We were whisked off to the ICU in an ambulance and spent 5 days at the hospital.

    Well those first 24 hours were very rough, I didn't eat or sleep and he fed only a few times. Let me just say.. OUCH the engorgement was awful! The hospital staff finally got me a pump in the middle of the day the next day. They also figured out what was wrong, he had a MRSA staph infection in his rear and had to do surgery to drain it. After that I was pumping every 2 hours and we were bottle feeding him the expressed milk because he was too weak to nurse for awhile. The staff there also kept popping a pacifier in his mouth, which he for the most part didn't like but it was necessary to calm him down for some procedures. I did manage to find some slow-flow nipples which really helped a lot (the hospital had regular ones which practically drowned him).

    Thankfully by the last day we were at the hospital I got my son to latch back on and start eating exclusively from the breast but the problems haven't ended there.

    He's been on antibiotics that have messed with his digestive system and he's been VERY gassy this whole time. He seems to be fussy constantly when he's awake, and we did go to the dr on Friday about it. She said hopefully it will clear up this weekend because he's finally off the antibiotics, but he was kind of gassy when we went to the hospital (they did a ton of scans of his belly making sure it wasn't intestinal because his stomach was distended and bloated). I'm worried that even after the antibiotics his tummy problems wont go away.

    So far, he's a bit better and his poops are just about back to normal, but he still seems to had a hard time passing them and is still very distended and bloated. He also still fusses a lot when he wakes like he's uncomfortable, but not as much as he was when he was on the antibiotics (he'd wake and just scream). He's also wanting to nurse CONSTANTLY. If he's awake my nipple is in his mouth, or he wants it there. I feel like I can't move from my little "nursing nest" on the couch. Which I don't mind nursing him but I wish I could do something about his tummy discomfort, especially if it persists and isn't because of the antibiotics.

    Worst thing is, he'll latch on fine and feel normal while he's eating but sometimes when he gets tired or is just nursing for comfort I'll start getting this horrible pinching feeling in my nipple and when i detach him (much to his obvious dislike) my nipple will look longer but slightly flattened and a tiny bit pointed. It's hard to describe but i feel like i'm always popping him off and back on to fix it.

    Any ideas?

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    Hello! You have had such a tough time. Going to the hospital with him sick like that must have been overwhelming. The fact that you kept pumping and maintaining the BF is really a wonderful thing, you should be proud of yourself! Any his tummy trouble, I wish I could help.

    I think that his latch sounds like it needs a little work. Mine did too. The nipple is supposed to come out looking the same as when it went in. My lo was nursing ok but when my nipple came out it looked flat like lipstick. I watched some videos from this website and it helped. http://www.drjacknewman.com/video-clips.asp

    You can read the womanly art of breastfeeding 8th edition for tips too. I love this book!

    This is also a good website:

    ***I think that it also took some time for my LO to get bigger, his mouth was so small and my nipples are big.

    Most important would be to watch his diapers, how many is he having?

    Also is his weight gain good? About 1 oz a day?

    And is he "active" (lethargic would indicate dehydration).

    Sounds like you are doing very well in general, GOOD WORK!

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    Wow, what a scary time you've had! A MRSA infection that severe... Were you and other family members cultured for MRSA? If not, you might want to see your doc about it, since you don't want to risk being in a situation where MRSA is passing back and forth.

    Regarding your baby's gas issues- well, my money's on the antibiotics as a cause. But don't expect the gas to just go away with the abx. Babies are gassy creatures in general!

    Constant nursing is very normal in young babies. It may be happening in part because of the tummy discomfort, since suckling is the most soothing thing a baby can do and because moving something in at the top of the digestive system can help the baby move things through the middle and out the bottom of the digestive system. So nursing can really help a baby work the gas and poop out of his system!

    The pinching feeling you're getting sounds very uncomfortable, but still not as bad as it could be. As long as the initial latch is painless, and it's painless when the baby is actively suckling, you've got the basics down!

    Babies often lose their good latch at the end of a feeding, or when they're just sucking carelessly for comfort. It may help to support the breast using your hand or a rolled-up washcloth tucked underneath, since sometimes babies lose their latch when the heavy breast drags on their little mouth. Relatching is another great way to deal with this issue, because you're teaching the baby that he needs to maintain a better latch in order to stay on the breast. Another thing that could help is baby-wearing- if the baby is no longer feeding actively, he may accept being held and snuggled and rocked as a substitute for nursing. You might also want to try a pacifier, but I'm reluctant to advocate that since you only just got nursing back on track, and because pacis can mess with a baby's latching ability. Maybe wait a few more weeks and try one?

    Finally, I just want to applaud you for nursing your LO! Breastmilk is the absolute best thing you can give him, considering how ill he was.

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    There are also a couple of latching and position suggestions in this LLLi article that may help. http://www.llli.org/llleaderweb/lv/lvjulaug94p53.html

    Once you've taken care of the latch and pinched nipple issues, you can try nursing in a sling which will free you from the couch. You may find though, as your LO gets older, that you welcome that couch nursing time as a break and a time to relax and connect with your LO.

    Good luck mama.

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    You're a hero for hanging in there! Have you looked into baby carriers so you can nurse as much as your LO wants without being stuck on the couch? Also dr sears has a fussy baby hold that he suggests. I was doing this for my LO before I read about it and it seems to help with gas.

    Good luck and hang in there!
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    Thanks for all the positive response! I was devastated when he wouldn't take to the breast after his surgery and felt so detached giving him a bottle. I was glad i could still provide him with breast milk, but I have to say I never want to have to wake up every 2 hours at night to pump again. The lactation nurse at the hospital was having me pump for 30 minutes at a time too!

    My son is much better today. He's still pretty gassy and it's still a big fuss when he has to poop. His stools are a bit runny still but it's an improvement from green. He has wet diapers 8+ times a day, I'd say I can change him about every feeding. He has about 4 what I would call big stools a day, and often will have wet fart ones where there is a a bit of poop in the diaper. I think his number of stools are growing in numbers now that he's better, I keep going back and forth using a nursing/diaper tracker on my phone but forget to update it during midnight feedings/changings.

    As for the constant nursing it wouldn't be so bad if he didn't turn into Mr Chompy, but we are just unlatching and re-latching and hoping he'll get better. My SO is out of town all week so I just hooked up my PC to the TV in the living room and ordered a new game off amazon (thank goodness for amazon mom free two day shipping!).

    I'm really interesting in a sling or some sort of carrier but there are so many out there I have no idea where to start or what to get. Any ideas? I don't think the pouches look safe.

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    Quote Originally Posted by @llli*posy.mom View Post
    I'm really interesting in a sling or some sort of carrier but there are so many out there I have no idea where to start or what to get. Any ideas? I don't think the pouches look safe.
    Yeah, pouches suck! I suggest a wrap for a new baby. I personally like the Moby.

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    Default Re: We've had a rough time

    So far, he's a bit better and his poops are just about back to normal, but he still seems to had a hard time passing them and is still very distended and bloated. He also still fusses a lot when he wakes like he's uncomfortable,


    I was wondering if your LO still has a distended tummy and if you have found it is only gas? Is his belly also hard? I am asking because my LO also has a distended belly and the ped is sending us to get her an ultra sound, but I am hoping it is just gas, but can't tell because she doesn't seem uncomfortable or pass gas all that much.

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