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Thread: 8 mo old, spitting up

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    Default 8 mo old, spitting up

    DD is almost 8 month old. She has always been a "spitter". I'm pretty sure she has reflux but has never been formally diagnosed as it is not causing her problems (she's gaining wt fine and it doesn t appear to cause her discomfort).

    My question is: is it normal for her to spit up hours after a feeding? She typically nurses every 2-4 hours during the day and even when she goes 4 hours between feedings, she still sometimes is spitting up from the last feeding.

    Her last weight @ 7 month was 15# 13oz

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    Default Re: 8 mo old, spitting up

    Sounds normal to me, though I'd bring it up with your pediatrician. 8 months is a bit old to still be doing a lot of spitting. It's probably a laundry issue, not a health issue, though.

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