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Thread: Goats milk instead of formula

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    Is there any research to support a mother giving her baby goats milk from her own goats instead of formula?? Which is better for a baby who has never breastfed and has not started solids yet? We had this issue come up at our last meeting. Thank you!

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    To my knowledge, there is zero reputable research suggesting that goat's milk (or any other non-human animal milk) is a better second choice for a baby than formula. I think a lot of people get so hung up on the "artificial" nature of formula- all the weird, polysyllabic ingredients, all the unspeakable industrial processes involved in its creation, the hazards of contamination with forgeign substances- that they forget that formula is the closest thing out there to breastmilk, compositionally speaking.

    If I was unable to nurse and had a baby who had never been breastfed and was not yet ready for solids, I would choose formula without hesitation. If the mom at your meeting is wondering what to do, I would refer her to her pediatrician. A possible compromise would be formula made from goat's milk- there are both commercial and homemade options for this alternative.

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    Here is one scholarly article I found:


    Although I have not read the full article, it appears to be a case study. This is a portion of the abstract:

    "The developed world does not lack nutritious food; nevertheless, infants may still suffer from inadequate and inappropriate nutrition because of parental and cultural beliefs. Furthermore, easy access to the Internet exposes women to false information in regards to alternative foods for their infants, such as raw goat's milk, that may cause severe morbidity and even death. We describe here the case of an infant with severe electrolyte imbalance, renal dysfunction, and stroke as a result of being fed goat's milk."

    I would agree, for myself and my child, with the previous reply. There may be more relevant and public access research, and I find that Google Scholar is pretty user friendly.

    The original post mentioned that the goats are the moms own. If part of the concern is 'knowing the source' then perhaps informal (human)milk sharing might be worth considering? Even just as part of a majority formula diet?

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    I am curious if donated human breastmilk milk might be an option for this situation?

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