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Thread: Seriously foul smelling poo

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    Default Seriously foul smelling poo

    My baby girl is 15 weeks old. She strains terribly passing wind, which keeps us up all night. Also, she produces the most disgunstingly smelly nappies, a cross between sulphur and rotten vegetables. She is exclusively breastfed on demand. She is healthy, mostly a content and relaxed baby, and her weight gain is steady.

    My previous baby's poo always seemed to be sweet and biscuity.

    What could be causing this nappy horror, and more importantly, is there anything I can do to settle her wind so that we can both get some rest at night?

    Thanks in advance for your help.

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    Hmm, maybe some probiotics would help? And have you considered allergies/intolerances as a cause for the yucky poos? I think a dairy intolerance could produce stinky gas and poop. (FYI: dairy intolerance is not the same as lactose intolerance. It's generally a case of the baby being intolerant of cow's milk proteins that are coming from mom's milk, not a case of the baby being unable to tolerate mom's milk per se.)

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    I second the dairy and I find that if I take brewers yeast for supply LO has the most foul farts ever. If I even glance at butter my LO rips one.. jk but really it can be that bad. PM if you need dairy free suggestions.

    His sitter calls him farty mcfartypants. He clears houses.

    Also look for itsy bitsy yoga book. You can help your baby's digestive system get moving, and she will think it is a game!
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    Farty McFarypants is Jack's nickname too! Really, he smells awful.

    I don't really have any other suggestions to add. Could it be that some babies just have worse smelling poos than others? I am sure that is possible. I would suggest Colic Calm to get the gassies out, but, I found when I give that it makes the stinkies a million times worse. It does help get the gas out though.

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    hmmm..., is there a possibility that someone is feeding the baby a formula bottle? is your infant taking vitamin drops? maybe volatile oils like garlic/onions ect..are passing into your milk. these are not a cause for concern other than adding taste and smell to your milk. Are you freezing and defrosting your milk for an occaional bottle feed? In all my years of knowing ebf babies this one stumps me.
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