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    I would like to know how other pumping moms clean their pumping stuff and bottles given to LO. Dishwasher? If so, do you use those crates you can buy to contain the stuff? Just soapy water in the sink? Boil in water? Micro sterilizer? Any other way?


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    I use soapy water in the sink. I only pump at work, so I only have four bottles to wash, three times a week. I guess if I pumped more I would use the dishwasher, but sometimes we get food stuck on cups in the dishwasher. I would hate to have to wash the bottles after I have run them through the dishwasher.

    I also use a steam sterilizer on my pump parts every day at work, but I don't wash the pump parts. I just rinse them with water after pumping and then on the last pump of the day, I use the microwave sterilizer. Then on the last work day of the week, I take the pumping things home and wash them in hot soapy water.

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    I just used soapy water in the sink too. I was afraid they would get ruined in the dishwaher. And a lot of times I get soap residue from the dishwaher. Yuck.
    ETA: I don't think I ever sterilized my stuff.
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    I did the dishwasher.

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    I have done the dishwasher, but I was getting some residue, so now I do hot soapy water in the sink every 3 days or so.

    I think I have the micro steam bags. Somewhere.
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    I EP. And I still do them by hand. I feel the dishwasher can't get in the tiny crooks and stuff of the pumping parts. Bottles...those might be a different story, but I still do them by hand because I think they get rinsed better when I do them by hand. I steam sterilize the pump parts probably 2x a week in the Medela bags.
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    I always washed my pump parts by hand and occasionally sterilized them in a Medela bag. I wash bottles in the dishwasher - top rack for plastic bottles. I don't use one of those special baskets, but my dishwasher has baskets for silverware, and I put nipples and bottle tops in one of those. It cleans them really well.

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    We have an advent steam steriliser that was given to us as a gift and I HIGHLY reccomend to everyone that you get either one of these or a microwave steriliser. Basically all you do is fill this thing up to a line with water, put the rinsed off bottles,teats, breastshields w/e in the rack, put the rack inside, close the lid and turn it on and in about 10 minutes its sterilised. Voila! So my husband usually does the sterilising bless his heart, we sterilise bottles pretty much every time they're used, but only sterilise the breastshields ect about once a day. I rinse them after every use though, in a tub of water that I empty and refill twice a day (I pump about 7-8 times a day on top of nursing so I need to change th water else it gets icky!) its actually a top and tail bowl so I use one side of the water until it gets murky then the other side I figured it had to be good for SOMETHING even though DS is WAY too big for it.
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    I have to say, I've never really steralized. I wash them in the sink after each pumping session. Then every other day or so I run them through the dishwasher. I figure that's kind of sterailzing them.

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    pump parts - put in fridge between pumping sessions, then hand washed at the end of the day

    bottles - hand washed using a gentle "green" dish detergent

    I'd throw everything into a big bowl of soapy water to let soak a little before washing - seemed to help with cleaning small parts.

    everything air dried

    I only sterilized (using boiling water on the stove) when I was either pumping to donate (one of the milk bank instructions) or if baby and/or me had been sick
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