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Thread: we made it to two!!!

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    Default we made it to two!!!

    and we are so proud of it that we NIP non stop at the park,at the ped's,on the bus etc.
    also,I resumed pumping after my LO lost weight with a bad flu.and now we're bfing and supplementing with EBM...DS is not a great solid eater...not yet!
    hugs to all you LLLLadies you always help me out!
    I'm Lisa,SAHM to M. 5/14/09 my velcro boy!

    we made it to 19 mos!!! no end in sight
    always and (I'd like to have a just LO and mom cosleeping smilie...)
    food sensitivity to dairy,apple and orange
    we just started to put cloth on
    if I'm here I'm
    love this forum!!!

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    Default Re: we made it to two!!!

    Happy B-day!
    Proud mom of 2:
    DD 5/2008 nursed for 3 years and 3 months.
    DS born 8/2011 nursing like a champ

    Sorry for the short responses...always, always, always NAK or holding a baby

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    Default Re: we made it to two!!!


    Mom to
    Matthew born April 2009
    Jonathan born March 2011
    loving and

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    Default Re: we made it to two!!!

    Way to celebrate!

    25 May 96 and 14 January 08 and 27 February 2012

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    Default Re: we made it to two!!!

    Congratulations to you and your LO!
    I am Lea (middle name)
    Mama to Dominic born on 3/23/09
    Wife to G 4/27/07
    We're blessed to have been for 3 years and counting! Proud to with our squirmy worm

    "My home is not a place, it is people."
    -Lois McMaster Bujold

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