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Thread: New to Pumping...

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    I am going to start pumping so we can introduce our 4 week old LO to a bottle a day to prepare her for when I go back to work soon. A couple questions...
    1. How many oz should she get in the bottle?
    2. Can I add milk to a storage bag I already have stored milk in (bag is in fridge)?


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    I suggest 2 ounce increments until you get a better idea as to how much she will eat. Would be a sin to waste, right? I would never add milk to a frozen bag, however I have collected milk from different pump sessions in the same day. However keep in mind the waste factor again. You don't want to freeze more than you would use in one feeding in one container. Because you can't defrost half a bag.
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    I have heard you can add cold milk from the fridge to a frozen bag, but like PP, I never do.

    I store in 3-4 oz increments. She is eating 4 oz now, at first only 3. For a 4 week old, it's going to be more like 2 oz; once you start back to work, it will probably be more. But right now, you aren't really storing so much as practicing w/ a bottle. You don't need that much stored up - each day you will pump at work to replace missed feedings, and that milk will be used the following day. You only need a few days worth of milk for emergencies.

    Do you have a good, double-electric pump?
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    I think it's best to make sure both milks are the same temp, although i have mixed with no problem. I was certainly more careful about it in the earlier months because newborns are just more sensitive.

    My guy never ate less than three from a bottle.

    Once you have your milk pumped in the fridge, you can keep it in there for about seven days. (This varies for everyone, some find that it spoils faster -tasting/smelling is the best way to find out.)

    If you freeze milk, it lasts for longer but some of the nutrients are lost. Once you take frozen milk out of the freezer, you need to use it within 24 hours.

    But i agree that especially before you really know what baby needs, storing in small amounts is much better. Having to waste milk is very sad, especially when you're trying to store up a freezer full to go back to work!

    I know this is more info that you asked for, but I always found the timing confusing in the beginning.
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