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Thread: Any success w/ pharmaceutical galactagogues?

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    Default Any success w/ pharmaceutical galactagogues?

    I would really love to hear people's success stories with pharmeceutical galactagogues. Amount taken, increase in production, how much you pump in a day, etc.

    I am thinking of talking to my doc about one of the two common ones to see what she thinks.

    I really hate pumping and I am hoping to boost my supply enough to actually freeze some and thereby stomp pumping earlier than I would otherwise. Has anyone else done this?

    Right now I only pump about 1/3 of what my daughter needs. I am so sad about that. I would love to be able to giver her breast milk exclusively and secondly to stop pumping earlier.

    Thanks for you thoughts!!

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    Default Re: Any success w/ pharmaceutical galactagogues?

    I have no experience with galactagogues, but I would like to know:

    - How old is your baby?
    - Are you exclusively pumping?
    - What pump do you use?
    - What is you pumping schedule/routine?
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    Default Re: Any success w/ pharmaceutical galactagogues?

    I take domperidone. I call them my "magic pills"

    I tried Reglan, but it did make me feel depressed, and I am a single mom, so I didn't think that would be safe to take without someone helping me out, so I stopped.

    One precaution with the domperidone is that your supply may become dependent on it, but if you need it, you need it. And boy I needed it.

    In March, I was pumping 8 oz a day (up from 4 oz in January), not even a third of what my LO eats (I am exclusively pumping). Last night, I pumped over 20 oz .

    However, all the pills in the world won't work unless you pump/nurse 8-12 times a day. Milk removal drives milk production.

    I would encourage giving it a try! Good luck!

    Although you should also answer jeno's questions, because maybe we can help get your LO to amp up your production.

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    Default Re: Any success w/ pharmaceutical galactagogues?

    Hi Katia & Jeno, thanks so much for posting! It is so helpful to talk to people here. I swear at this point I have talked to *everyone* in my town!

    Ok, to answer your questions:

    Daughter is 9 weeks old
    I am exclusively pumping
    I use Medela PISA
    I pump 8 times a day

    Oddly I feel like when I pump 6-7 times a day I have better output but I am too scared to scale back and really test that theory.

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    Default Re: Any success w/ pharmaceutical galactagogues?

    NOTHING will boost your supply like frequent milk removal. I would try to add additional pumping sessions whenever possible. Even if you don't get that much milk, it is still sending a signal to your body to boost production. I would maybe do this in the evening when your sig other/husband (I am assuming you have one?) can help take care of the baby. One thing you can do is "power pump" - 10 minutes on, 10 minutes off, repeat for up to one hour. This mimics cluster feeding that some babies will do when they are trying to boost supply during a growth spurt.

    Since you hate pumping (and who can blame you? ), have you considered trying to get your baby back to the breast? I don't know any details of your situation as to why your are EPing, but if it is physically possible for your baby to nurse, that would be ideal.
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    Default Re: Any success w/ pharmaceutical galactagogues?

    I am using feengreek, blessed thistle, fennell, & mothers milk tea. I went from pumping 20cc from both breasts to 3-6oz (depends on time of day,lo,ect) I think I saw the biggest increase once I started the blessed thistle. Im taking (every day) 16 fngrk - 9 blsd thstl - 5 mmtea bags 2 fennell tea bags. Im thinking about adding rasberry leaf & alfalfa. I wish I could use DOMPERIDONE but I was told its not legal in US?? I was pumping 12x aday AND BF 8x min a day (LO wasnt too good at removing milk or staying awake) Now that DS BF WELL that is when I saw a even bigger increase in my supply. He gained almost a pound last week with only 6oz of formula supps per day, so IMO I REALLY believe that DS did the best for my supply increase.

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    Default Re: Any success w/ pharmaceutical galactagogues?

    I used Reglan recently and plan to use it again. It worked wonderfully. I never felt depressed on it. In fact, I felt much more depressed off of it when my milk supply started to subside again. All I can say is make sure to keep removing milk! The only negative side effect is the first week I was on it (at the higher dose) I definitely was sleepy.

    I know everyone talks about fenugreek, blessed thistle, all of the herbs, and frequent milk removal... but I only got an extra ounce or two per day with those methods.

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