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Thread: getting her to eat her veggies

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    I'm encouraged when reading the previous posts. I was given a lot of grief from family recently because my LO really likes sweet stuff like pears, apples, bananas and sweet potato. I thought we were doing okay because he actually enjoys the food whereas I know some babies who want absolutely nothing to do with anything but the boob. Just when you think you've found your rhythm, someone's gotta come along and throw a monkey wrench of doubt into your head. LO actually gagged wen I tried peas, but I just keep offering and hopefully one day . . .

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    My daughter hates veggies too (although she’s a bit more accepting of them at daycare, but not when she’s with me). Her doctor told me to just keep offering her the same thing without giving up. He said his son was like that and that there is nothing else I can do about it. I’m still working on that.

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