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Thread: Almost 11 Months - Feeding Schedule/EBM

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    Default Almost 11 Months - Feeding Schedule/EBM

    Hi All,

    I'm just curious as to how much milk you leave for your LO if you work during the day? My pumping output has just been going downhill and I've tried so much to up it but no luck, just continues to decrease. He eats solids 3 times a day, so I'm wondering if I could decrease the amount of pumped milk I leave him? I used to leave him two bottles with 4 oz. each. I nurse him at 7 or so before I leave for work and then he eats between 10 & 10:30 and then around 1:30-2 and then I feed him when I get home at 4:30-5. Twice now I've left one bottle of pumped milk and the other formula I want to make sure he's getting enough but wish I could pump enough. I'm just curious as to how much EBM your little ones take, and how much solids they are eating, if you have any kind of schedule, etc.. He will be 11 months next week and I wanted to make it at least a year. Thanks for any feedback
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    Default Re: Almost 11 Months - Feeding Schedule/EBM

    I think you could decrease the amount you are leaving for him if he is alright with that. You could leave him plenty of solids and he could have water for thirst. Around a year old a lot of mamas will pump wean (while continuing to nurse when they are with baby). By that time your supply is well established and will be there when you need it. I found my pumping output decreased significantly around 10 mos or so. My daughter started refusing bottles right around a year old.
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    My son is nearly 9 mos and he eats quite a bit of solids while away, or at home, he's BLS so I let him eat until he signals "all done" or "up".

    I leave 15oz for him at daycare from 7am to 5pm (3 bottles) today it was 20oz and 4 bottles because we left early and he didn't nurse before we left.

    Breakfast and Lunch - usually organic cheerios or puffs (equaling about 3/4 cup), a biscuit or cracker, fruit and veggie.

    He then nurses at 6pm 730pm and then midnight, 2 and then 430am and 630am.

    I am getting burnt out of the night nursing, it was only midnight 3 and 6 for a bit, but this current schedule is going on 4 mos since I've returned full time to work... and hurting sleepwise...

    I have had great results with brewers yeast tablets, to recover supply after sickness or decongestants, but be aware they will give your baby the WORST gas. Fenugreek will help too and make you smell delicious. (like syrup) I think anyway.

    Also, if your work will let you, pumping with only an hour or two in between, say 9 and then again at 11 seems to really get things producing for me. You are allowed to take as many unpaid pumping breaks as you need by law, here in AZ anyway.
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