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Thread: BF and going on a cruise...

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    Default BF and going on a cruise...

    I'm going on a cruise this Saturday and I'm still nursing my daughter, I've made it to 11 months so far. I

    need to know what type of motion sickness medicine I can take while continuing to breast feed my daughter on the cruise. I get motion sickness really easy so not taking anything is not an option. Can I take the transderm scope patch and continue to breast feed her? Has anyone used this med? Did the baby have any side effects?

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    Have you considered those wrist bands that are supposed to prevent/treat motion sickness? That would be a non-chemical method of dealing with the problem, so it wouldn't affect your milk at all.

    Found a link that says most OTC motion sickness drugs can be used sparingly. Kellymom's list of AAP approved meds (for BF moms) has one also.

    Where in the boat is your cabin? If you are in the center of the boat (stern to bow), you actually won't have as much movement to deal compared to with being all the way front or back (think of a teeter totter -- when it goes up and down, the closer you are to the middle hinge point, the less dramatic the motion).

    Here's a link that has some good tips for minimizing sea sickness, and also lists ginger as an effective natural remedy --> here. Interestingly, they cite some sort of study claiming that ginger was just as effective as drugs in treating motion sickness. Worth a shot.... (you could always resort to the drugs if the ginger and wrist bands fail to work).

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