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Thread: Should I accept pumping in the bathroom?

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    Im sorry but I dont see whats so terrilble about pumping in the bathrrom, back when I worked I found a lot of women pumping there and it was a good conversation starter, tehre was always someone who asked about their babies, how old they were and such... I guess it wa the only place with enough outlets, there were other rooms available but they were too cold or too dark or they just didnt wanna spend half an hour sitting in a dark room on their own I guess.

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    Do you make your lunch in the bathroom milkylucy?

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    for me, it is about not telling woman "if you want to pump then you can use the bathroom." There needs to be e better option.

    The bathroom at my work is gross and I shouldn't be told that i need to use an unsanitary room to collect my son's food. People urinate and defecate in that room, that is disgusting to me. When i first pumped 8 yrs ago i had just started there and was scared to suggest they provide me with something else. i was also scared they would think i was spending too much time pumping. in fact, these are some of the main reasons i stopped when my son was 9 months old.

    I have pumped in bathrooms plenty of times. I do what i need to to get my babies their milk but I dont think it should be hard to find a place other than a bathroom if you work somewhere or know in advance you will be there.

    It is not hard to provide woman with a simple room that is clean with an outlet to pump in. Many woman just get pushed aside as though what they are doing isnt important and that if they want to do it so badly, well they should accept anything and shut up about it. unfortunately there are a lot of people with that attitude.

    i feel that when they design buildings they should have nursing rooms in mind, at least a room that can be used as such when needed. there are a lot of steps that need to be taken for breastfeeding families to find support and be successful, this is just one in my opinion.

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