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    I don't read blogs too often, but a friend of mine forwarded this to me. It's a great first hand account of one woman's breastfeeding experience with her two boys. It may be inspirational for those struggling!

    The link is: www.butidohavealawdegree.blogspot.com

    (The specific post is called "The Last Supper")

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    Very sweet blog... but so sad she had to quit ~7 months!
    DS#1: Aidan, born 1/7/11 - 9 lbs. 5 oz. 22 in. (a difficult induced labor), BFed for 2.5 years after a VERY rocky start (indebted to LLL for the support)!
    DS#2: Amiel, born 12/11/13 - 9lbs, 22 in., 8 days "late," spontaneously, naturally & unmedicated after resisting pressure to induce.

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    awwww. i think it's so sad that she had to wean so early!
    Julia and Maxwell (and Dan and Haddie)
    Maxwell, born January 3, 2010
    A year on Mama's milk and still loving it

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