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Thread: Green poop?

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    Default Green poop?

    My 11 week old son has been having green poop for the last several days. It is also somtimes a little mucousy and doesn't smell the greatest. Prior to this it had been thick, yellow, creamy and seedy, just like it is supposed to be. He does have a bit of a cold. Also, my 18 month old and husband both had a stomach bug about 2 weeks ago, could this be causing the green poop? My lo hasn't seemed overly fussy though so I didn't think he had picked that up. I have been feeding him off the same breast for a couple of feedings and sometimes pumping like 3-4 oz off my breast if it is really full so I would think this would be enough to get to the hindmilk and it seems like he is draining the breasts for the most part. I also have kind of felt like he doesn't seem overly hungry the last few days, almost like I am forcing him to nurse. He seems to be going 4 hours before he is remotely interested in nursing. I am wanting him to nurse because my breasts are full and ready to be emptied and I feel like I may be nursing him before he is really even hungry? I am not sure what it going on but it seems like it might be a combination of things. Any thoughts?
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    Are you getting 3-4 oz AFTER feeding? Because that would be a sign of a huge oversupply. As far as how often he eats, as long as he's nursing at least 7-8 times per day @ this point, he's probably fine, esp if he is gaining/peeing/pooing the requisite amounts.

    Are you pumping to relieve engorgement or to get ready to go back to work? If you are pumping to relieve engorgement, you need to cut back some. Draining your breasts signals your body to increase milk production, which will worsen engorgement. You should only pump for a minute or so (or not at all if you can stand it and aren't getting plugged ducts) to relieve pain.

    Feeding on one side only will help. When your supply gets back down to a more manageable level, he will be getting more hindmilk and the poops should get better.
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    My lo has has had green-seedy poop since Thursday. He's happy and eating normally. I called my LC and she said it could just be something I ate... it can take up to 3 weeks for foods to leave your system I guess.

    I would say if your LO is content that it's nothing to worry about. If he gets unusually fussy then there might be something else going on.

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