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Thread: 2 weeks old and continued nipple pain

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    Default 2 weeks old and continued nipple pain

    When our daughter was born she nursed immediately. We were so happy we let her nurse with a poor latch. In the two weeks since then the pain remains even though I believe her latch is now correct. I had one bloody crack that has since healed. My nipples no longer look cracked or too irritated.
    when we begin to nurse the initial latch is very painful.....sharp and burning.after about 20 seconds the pain is gone. I have a lot of anxiety now because of this pain and I dread feeding time. Sometimes I pump to avoid the pain. I would think that I would toughen up by now but it has not happened. I think my daughter has a particularly strong suck and when she latches on she doesn't suckle. Instead she sucks strong even before I let down.
    Any suggestions as to what is causing all this pain? I am using a sheild which helps a little but doesn't stop the pain. Is 2 weeks not enough time to toughen up?

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    Default Re: 2 weeks old and continued nipple pain

    Welcome and congratulations on the new baby!

    What you describe does not sound like a problem related to "toughening up" or a strong suck (babies always suck before letdown occurs- in fact, sucking is what triggers letdown). It sounds more like a latch problem that is sometimes referred to as the "30 second sizzle." What's happening is that the baby's initial latch is too shallow, and the nipple lands too close to the entrance of her mouth, where it is compressed between the actively moving tongue and hard palate. After several sucks, the nipple is drawn into the back of the mouth, where there is less tongue movement and the roof of the mouth is soft (soft palate). When that happens, the pain ends.

    The 30 second sizzle is very painful. But if you have already seen your cracks heal up, then things are on the road to getting better. You have to aim for a perfect latch every time (a visit with a lactation consultant, preferably an IBCLC, may help you achieve this), and also be patient! A 2 week-old baby has a tiny mouth, and that makes it hard for her to achieve a deep latch. But babies grow and their mouths grow, and soon she'll be able to get a deep latch right from the get-go.

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    Default Re: 2 weeks old and continued nipple pain

    I've written your post mama. This was my experience with my first DD. I would cry every time I got ready to nurse her. Seeing an IBCLC went a long way towards helping to get us on track.

    I'll post the latching videos link again. Sometimes it helps to see it in action.

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    Default Re: 2 weeks old and continued nipple pain

    I had the exact same pain. The above video is great. I second the recommendation to see an IBCLC. I would also urge you to try not to pump this early -- it can really mess up your supply. I know it hurts though, so I understand why you're feeling like you need to.
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    Default Re: 2 weeks old and continued nipple pain

    Thanks all for the encouraging words. Half the battle is knowing what the cause is....the videos were informative. Does anyone know if there is a video for latching on with a shield? I feel as if this is an added challenge. How do you know what size shield you are? Getting the shield nipple in deep doesn't mean your nipple will be positioned correctly.

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    Exclamation Re: 2 weeks old and continued nipple pain

    Are you using a shIeld all thE time? Why are you using a shield? (I use one because LO wouldn't latch at all At first.)
    I would say, try to not use the shield. Practice a good latch all the time. If she's latching, I meAn. I can't say i practice what I preach, but if you can do it!!
    I know what you mean about the strong suck. My LO will start sucking as soon as the tip of the shield passes his lips. I have to hold his chin down until w are all the way on or it hurts. And then when he's on I have to try to pull on his chin again and shove him further on or it will hurt. The funny (and good) thing is he acts completely different when we don't use he shield. He'll open his mouh and try (but still only wants to suck the nipple...we're working on that slowly but surely).

    Are you getting the right diapers? Make sure he's getting enough ESP. With shield. Mine has had no problems, but wanted to remind.

    I don't know Of any videos - if you need to work more that's why I'd suggest putting the tIme into regular latch.

    I don't know how to size the shield either! I was having a lot of pain like that too so I tried and tried to learn. All I found out was it should fit the baby's mouth, not your nipple (unless you nipple is too large) and that most newborns need the smaller size but then grow into the standard. I never tried another size because in the beginning everything was fine. Once I started pulling on his chin, the pain cleared uP significantly.

    Hope that helps!

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    Default Re: 2 weeks old and continued nipple pain

    I had this too. And only on one side. The pain felt like he was sucking metal threads out of my breast in the beginning. I would cringe and stomp my foot and swear. And then like you said, it would be gone. Is it worse for you on one side than the other? Because I found that putting the baby in the same position that he was doing well on on the other breast helped. But also it eventually went away on it's own. It takes babies and mothers usually 6-8weeks to find their nursing groove. Give in more time. But if it IS better on one side than the other I can probably help you with the position mimicking on the other side.

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