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Thread: Anyone pumping after 17 mths?

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    Default Anyone pumping after 17 mths?

    I posted this in pumping but did not get much response, hope it is ok to also post here.....

    DD2 is now 17 mths and is a terrible nurser and eater, she is also FTT and has not gained in over 8 mths. I pump 4 times a day in addition to nursing her 3 times per day and now I am just not getting enough milk. I had been getting about 15-18 oz but the last two months when my period is coming, it drops to maybe 10 oz for almost 10 days. Is there anything I can do? I feel like it is crazy to pump for a baby this old and also if it is just normal to get less and less as the baby gets older. I already drink fenugreek tea, that seemed to help more than the pills for me. I just don't know what to do.

    So how much can others pump at this age? Any alternatives to cow or soy milk, she hates both but needs high calorie/high fat milk as she is FTT.


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    Default Re: Anyone pumping after 17 mths?

    I still pump!!!! While i'm at work or away that is... and I get teased for it but who cares. I want my son to have that milk!
    He is almost 20 mnths : )

    Oh and I haven't had a period yet but I have a Mirena. But I do get less than I used to. I just don't worry about it and give him what I DO pump out, ya know? And I am using a hospital grade Medela because well, I work in ahospital and I CAN lol
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