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Thread: Pumping and bottle feeding

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    I plan to return to work in a few weeks. I've been told to give my LO a bottle around 6 weeks to get her used to a bottle. For this, I have used frozen EBM while her grandmothers were babysitting. I pumped around the same time I would have feed her. When I pump, do I pump the amount she drank during her feeding or do I pump until I am finished? I always seem to have more than she eats from a bottle. She doesn't seem to like to bottle feed and wants to have a long session once I return.

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    Hi there!

    It's pretty natural for your LO to want to nurse once you are back. I'd say the suggestion to start a bottle around 6 weeks is a good one. It's also good that your LO's grandparents are doing the bottle feeding. It's recommended that somebody besides mom give baby a bottle of EBM. Your LO will adjust once you go back to work and will still probably want to nurse for a long while once you are together again. It's totally normal.

    I always made nursing my daughter the last thing I did before I left her at daycare and the first thing I did once I got home.

    As to your other question, I'd just go ahead and pump until you are done. Most people pump about 20-25 minutes per session. I usually went about that long - sometimes 30 minutes or so. I'd just put any extra in a freezer stash for a rainy day.

    Once you go back to work, you'll get into a groove with pumping.

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    My LO really only ate the bare minimum when i was gone too, and then wanted (still wants to, actually) to nurse all night when i got home from work. Completely natural, and will help with your supply if you find it challenging at all to keep up with the amount needed of ebm when you're working.

    I would definitely pump til you're as empty as possible if you're skipping a feeding. It's still early for your supply and if you're not having oversupply issues, you want to make sure your body will continue to make enough milk when you go back to work.

    What your baby will eat from a bottle is really not a good indication of what they're eating while at the breast. Some babies will eat a full eight ounce bottle just because it's less work than nursing. Some babies just prefer getting most of their nourishment/comfort directly from Mama.

    Good luck with pumping and going back to work. There are lots of Mamas here with lots of good experience with this.
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