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Thread: Sleepy Newborn - Intermittent Feeding

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    Hello all, I am a new mom to my firstborn son who is just a week old as of today. He and I got off to a great start in breastfeeding at the hospital - we had a full hour of skin-to-skin contact and he latched like a pro right away. We had a couple of setbacks - after his circumcision he got sleepy and didn't nurse well for a day or two. My milk was also slow to come in, so he got a bit dehydrated and lost nearly a pound, so the doctor recommended formula supplementation. If I had known the hell that this would put us through, I would have sooner jumped off of a bridge. It gave him terrible gas, which combined with his hunger made him scream for an entire night when he was 3 days old. Even after only one bottle, he was very reluctant to nurse again.
    We called the lactation consultant, and of course after refusing me for hours on end, he latched on like a textbook once the consultant was here. She gave us some good tips, and so far everything is much better.
    Now I'm certain someone has asked a question like mine before, but what if you have a VERY sleepy newborn who nurses rather infrequently (every 4 hours), for about 20 minutes every feeding, but still has an excellent quantity of wet and poopy diapers ( about 10 wet cloth diapers, and 6+ poopy ones with very normal poop). Would this mean he is just getting a massive quantity at each feeding, or is this something of concern? I just took him to the doctor for a weigh-in, and he has gained 4 oz. since Monday, and I know after weighing him Wednesday that he actually has gained about 7 oz - he lost more weight because of my delayed milk production. I am sure I'm just being a paranoid first time mom like my husband says, but I can't help but think that because he's not feeding 8-12 times a day, he isn't getting enough. If someone could let me know, that would be great.

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    Welcome and congratulations on the new baby! How cool that you got that hour of skin-to-skin- there aren't a lot of mom/baby pairs who get that sort of opportunity!

    If I had a very sleepy baby who was only feeding every 4 hours, I would do my best to wake him every 2-3 hours, even if his diaper output and weight gain was terrific. In all probability, your LO is getting everything he needs despite his infrequent feedings. You're not going to get normal weight gain and diaper output if that's not the case. But it can't hurt to try and wake him more frequently- during the day, at least!

    Tips on waking a sleepyhead: http://www.mother-2-mother.com/cc-ba...m#SleepyBabies

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