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Thread: Comfort Sucking and fussing

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    Unhappy Comfort Sucking and fussing

    Hello... This is my first time at using a forum... so i haven't really got a clue what i'm doing.. lol

    But.... My daughter is 7wk 4days and has firstly started fussing around when feeding, She'll feed for about 10mins, then pull off, then frantically suck and lick, so i put her back on and she sucks for 5 seconds and repeats... i haven't got a clue what's going on.... i did try swapping breasts but that seemed to give her an upset stomach from too much fore-milk, so i'm trying to be persistent with one breast feeding, but it's so frustrating! What am i doing wrong?!?!?!

    And secondly, She uses me as a pacifier! She won't sleep unless she's comfort sucking, and it tires me out. She also won't take a dummy, so don't want to force one onto her, im just plodding along with a baby that faffs about and uses me as a dummy. (sorry if this is extremely repetitive, im just so frustrated!)

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    my lo pulls off & fusses when he needs to burp, so maybe try burping then putting her back on.

    also, dont worry about the pacifier thing mine did the same & got past it. read about "non-nutrative sucking & birth control" what I read made me feel lots better!

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    Thank you, i have tried winding her like you suggested, but she still struggles around. i'll just keep at it
    Thank you again for your advice

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    my lo squirms, hits my breast, and kicks a few times a day....esp right after his bath. he eventually nurses and falls asleep so i just kind of giggle and talk while he does it. hes getting enough to eat through the day, good diapers etc so i dont think its anything bad..

    and my lo just sucks for comfort often, i dont mind though... hes only getting what he needs and i know hes not going to be so attached to me soon
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