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Thread: Eating Enough??

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    My LO is amost 6 weeks. He really only eats from one breast every 3 hours. He seems content, sleeps, wets, and poops consistently. Everything I read says that babies should nurse on both sides for at least 15 minutes per side. He normally only nurses from one side for about 10 minutes. When I pump, I get about 3 ounces per side. Last night, he ate from one side and I pumped the other because it was so full. After I pumped, he seemed hungry again so I gave him the expressed milk in a bottle. He gulped that down and slept for five hours. This morning he is back to eating on just one side at a time. After eating and burping and changing his diaper he was still really fussy, so I put him to the breast again and he squirmed and cried. So I just decided that he wasn't fussy because he was hungry.
    I guess I'm just confused and concerned because I have read such different views and information and I just want what is best for my baby.

    Thank you in advance for any input.

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    Both of my children have been one side feeders. I think I have such a great supply that it's not necessary. They do however eat more often. I think as long as your baby is happy and gaining well, no point worrying over it. But I would caution against pumping the other side. You could find yourself with an oversupply. Just let your son regulate the supply.
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    Max didn't start eating both sides until he was about four months old. He did fine - and i think it's better for babies to empty one side completely than to just nurse for a pre-determined amount of time because they get that nice fatty hindmilk. Like PP said, mine too tended to nurse more frequently.

    When my little guy was first born, I worried lots about the duration of his nursing. Lots of what i'd read said to time how long, make sure they were nursing for 15-20 minutes a side, etc. etc. Really, all babies nurse differently with different efficiencies. Max has NEVER nursed for more than i'd say 12 minutes total, even when he started eating from both sides. He just gulps and is done! And he's a little chunker who's clearly had enough breast milk.

    The beginning is just a whole lot of experimentation, and you'll figure out what works best for you and you LO. The most important thing is that your baby is having plenty of diapers and gaining steadily. Sounds like you're doing great.
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    My little guy is the same way, only ever does one side, sometimes he nurses more often but not too much. I have to say that the "rules" really just depend on the baby. Robert hardly ever nurses for longer than ten minutes if that, unless he is very sleepy.

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