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Thread: Working with and without DS

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    Default Working with and without DS

    I work in a very supportive evironment, close friends. I am to return Nov 13. I work essentially as an intake worker for a doctor. they are on pins and needles about whether I'll be ocming back at all!
    Yonah is 7 weeks old. I am really nervous for going back.

    I am really concerned about maintaining good care of Yonah, as well as doing adequate work. There is someone who can tend to Yonah if he is fussy and would like attention. But when it comes to feeding, I want to not neglect him in any way.

    My schedule of concern is as such:
    Monday 9-5
    Thursday 1-7pm.

    If I work with him say on the Monday but leave him with DH on the Thursday, how much milk should I pump? And when should I pump it?

    As well, should I pump some for the Monday in case I am really unable to get away from work and the woman I work with can give to him? If so how much and when? Yonah already accepts a bottle one time an evening, so I know he'll take a bottle ok.

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    Default Re: Working with and without DS

    If he already accepts a bottle in the evening, I would use that same amount for his daily bottles, at least to start with. You can always send a little extra, just in case, but make sure to tell the sitter not to force or overly encourage your son to finish his bottles. When he is done, he is done . That is one mistake care providers often make when bottle feeding a breastfed baby! And you can pump when you think your son would normally breastfeed, when you are away from him. To get a supply built up for the freezer, you can pump after feeding your son, or sometime in between feeds, if you think you want to do that!

    I hope that helps...going back to work is stressful, isn't it?

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