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Thread: (Inspirational!) My relactation & relatch story

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    I am so thankful that I found your post! I've been having a hard time getting more than an ounce at a time total, at the most I'm lucky to get two. I have fairly large breasts to begin with and after my son was born I never had that feeling of the 'milk coming in'. I've watched videos of mothers massaging and expressing more milk, but this hasn't seemed to help me any. I go back to work in two and a half weeks, and I am going to try my best using your suggestions and seeing if I can find the milkflow that you mentioned. Thank you again for your post, its a blessing that you shared it and I found it!

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    Wow! This is so encouraging!!!!! I am wondering..... As I am trying to relactate for my 4-mo old baby girl (who BF for 3 weeks.... Weeks of screaming and no sleep, until this week we finally got her in to see an allergist and found she is very allergic to cow's milk (which she had gotten through my diet)!) and I have my mind made up now!! And I HATE formula just like you!!

    I'm wondering which products you had the most success with.... Did you mention one called MilkFlow? There are so many products out there I don't want to waste time and money on stuff that doesn't work. What do you think??? I obviously prefer natural supplements, but at this point I only want my milk to start flowing and I can worry about that later

    Thank you!!!!!!

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    Hey, I haven't seen this mama on here in awhile, so you might have more luck making your own thread

    Milkflow is only available in the UK- it is ground up caraway seeds and anise. I was able to get some sent to me awhile back and it wasn't terribly noticible. If I find a packet that I didn't use though, I can send it to you.

    Honestly the best "products" would be your baby and a hospital grade breast pump Milk supply is all about milk removal- the more ofen you do that- whether by nursing, pumping, or even hand expressing, the more milk you will make. There are also prescriptions out there which work very well, but aren't for everyone.

    Good luck mama! I never lost my milk supply but I spent 5 months trying to get it back (after a bunch of LCs said I might not ever have a full milk supply!) and it has been worth every pump.

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    WOW! Thanks Katia11!!!! You made me feel so much better- like all this work WILL be worth it!!! I'm new to LLL, so I'm still learning this forum thing I have an Ameda electric double pump that was very expensive, but I don't know if its as good as a hospital grade pump...??? I am pumping, pumping, pumping, though!!!

    Im going to do some more research on herbal supplements and how to get them in the US... THANK YOU!!!

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    My daughter is 6 months old now and on formula I breastfed for 3 months but substituted with formula and I feel so much regret is it too late for me ?

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