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Thread: 13 month old - asks for more frequent feeding

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    Post 13 month old - asks for more frequent feeding

    My son is 13 months old and I love to breastfeed him! I would like to continue as much as it is beneficial for him. He nurses before naps at 11am and 4pm at bedtime (8pm) and 2-3 times during the night (11pm, 2am, 5am). He did not ask to nurse more than that until recently that everytime that he sits on my lap he is looking at me and leaning on my breast asking for milk in his own way. In addition during the night he is now asks to nurse more and does not seem to acsept other forms of comforting, such as singing and cuddling as before. Should I encourage this behaviour and feed him everytime he asks or do you think I should try to distract him and keep the previous schedule?
    Do you think that if I start to respond to his request he may increase his awakenings at night in order to nurse and during the day ask for milk all the time? Since he was introduced to solid foods he only related nursing with sleeping but now he seems to understand that he can have it all the time and ask for it. Should I give in?

    Do you think that increasing the night feeding at this age may cause a problem to my son?


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    Is he maybe growing molars? That is a very common time for kids to want to nurse more often, especially at night. If that's the case you might consider nursing through it, it is a good source of comfort and pain relief for them when growing those big teeth.
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    I don't know if it will "cause" more frequent wakings. But my DD is about that age. She's also asking to nurse a lot. I think it's because she has a way to verbally request it and use sign language, so in some regard I think she likes to ask because she knows she can get her NuNus that way. That leads to a whole other discussion regarding when babies can "ask," which I think is at birth. But that's a different topic for a different day.

    I think it's fine to nurse if your LO requests it. I feel that I am helping teach her about communication and asking politely. If I am out or in a situation where I feel I don't want to nurse, I try to distract her.

    I have also read and feel that it's the case for us - that sometimes babies at this age like to nurse when they are bored. So sometimes keeping busy will help alleviate some of that. Sometimes if I sit down, DD thinks it's an "open bar," so me keeping active can help.

    All that being said, I think nursing is great source of comfort for teething and to help soothe little tempers.

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    Default Re: 13 month old - asks for more frequent feeding

    Great advice from the PPs.

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    Your post is exactly what I'm going through. I guess the question I have for you is the same I have for myself. How long do I/you intend to breastfeed?

    I have a 12-1/2 mo. old son, who has always been a reverse nurser. (few day time feedings, frequent evening feedings) Now DS is saying " ilkk" and signing for milk when he sees me. I know the difference from hunger feedings and comfort feeding. So, the real question is, how do YOU feel about it? I, personally want some sleep. So, I started to take away the 2am feeding. Since 11pm, 2am, 5am wasn't cutting it for me after the past year of e3h feedings. lol I chose to let him use his pacifier, and two other comfort objects. He did ended up crying it out within about 20min the 1st night and by night 3 he skips the 2am feeding. and goes straight to 4am, then wakes up at normal time. ... I can live with that. Now we nurse 3x's a day and 11pm and 4am. I'm not willing to be his comfort all night long, some moms are, but I'm not. I'm willing to comfort him, while I'm giving him all of the wonderful benefits of Breast milk. HOWEVER I feel he needs to learn how to sleep on his own. That's my feeling on my kids.

    What I haven't decided is how long I intend to breastfeed him. So, if you intend to keep going without an end in sight, I say feed on demand, with in your own comfort. If you want some sleep, keep the schedule you have now, and choose your way to comfort him with out nursing. Since your milk is no longer his #1 food source, nursing sessions are really up to you now. He's getting a good fat source from you, and if you ever are worried about his fat source and you don't want to give cow's milk, use avacados or add coconut oil or coconut milk to his food. We are dairy and gluten free, so we eat a lot of those things.

    I know this wasn't much help. But I think you and I are in the same situation. lol

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    Thank you for the responses!
    I think it was only for a few days that he asked for more milk... now he seems to have gone back to his previous schedule! Although I believe now that he knows how to get what he wants!
    thanks again

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