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Thread: Need Night Weaning Advice!

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    Default Need Night Weaning Advice!

    I am in the process of weaning my 27 month old. We've been doing it gradually for the past couple months and it's going pretty well. She doesn't nurse at all during the day and she's now falling asleep on her own, but we're having issues during the night. She cosleeps with me, so whenever she stirs, she expects to roll over for a round of "nummie"!

    I've tried the "nummies have gone night-night" line, and she completely freaks out! I think she's just become dependent on nursing herself back to sleep and she she's forgotton how to self-soothe. Half the time, I'm so half asleep/tired, I just give in and I feel like we're not making progress with the weaning.

    So any suggestions? I've even considered a bottle or paci as an alternative, but that seems like it would be regressing. I need to start some new medications soon, so I really need her completely weaned ASAP. I'm ready, but I don't know if she'll EVER be!


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    Have you seen this resource on night weaning?

    many mamas here have used versions of this with success

    Do you have a SO who can help out at night? It's helped for us to have daddy step up and do more nighttime parenting.
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    Default Re: Need Night Weaning Advice!

    Great article...thanks!

    DH works a really strange schedule alternating days and nights, so most of the time, he's not here at night. I may try to do some of the things the article suggests on his next long stretch off from work so he can help out. I've nursed 2 kids for almost a total of 5 years - it's not too much to ask him to help, right?!

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    Default Re: Need Night Weaning Advice!

    That was great article!!!! I am going to try it out. Not sure how my little lady will feel, but it seems like a pretty simple solution to night weaning. I like structure of it; " You do this for 3 days, then do this for another 3, then this for 4 - and then your done", sort of structure. It makes the task seem less overwhelming. Go one step at a time. I hope it works!!!!

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    Default Re: Need Night Weaning Advice!

    I too like his methods. LO is 19 months and she is the first of 3 that I have successfully BF. I am going to go for the night weaning but am going to sleep with her in her room to try to get her out of our bed at the same time. Thankfully her room has the thickest carpet in the house. lol Good luck!
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    Default Re: Need Night Weaning Advice!

    I posted this in the "Breastfeeding your toddler" forum--I probably should have posted it here:


    We tried night weaning, and so far so good!

    Not sure why, but my 14 m.o. daughter had been waking up HOURLY for the previous month or so... She stopped sleeping through the night at five months, so we were going on nine months without a full night of sleep. We co-sleep, but I've never been able to just sleep through a feeding for some reason. I was utterly exhausted. I'd started having heart palpitations from the lack of sleep (I think). I wasn't feeling resentful or anything, just a little worried for my physical and mental health!

    We didn't really plan to night wean, but my husband suggested I sleep in the guest room for a few nights so I could get some sleep. He bottle fed her those three nights. The first night there was a lengthy crying session of about twenty minutes as my husband tried to give her the bottle and cuddled her. The next two nights, the crying sessions were much shorter. After those three nights, when I returned to the family bed, something just told me to try other comfort measures.

    The first night, she only woke about four or five times and cried for about three or four minutes (much shorter than I thought she would) while I patted her, rubbed her tummy, and crooned in my best hypnotic voice, "Soooo sleeeeeepy."

    Second night, she only woke once, very short little crying session, and the patting and crooning once again soothed her back to sleep.

    Third night---she slept through the night! I can't believe it! I feel like a new woman! And I imagine she enjoyed the full night of sleep, too.

    Since then, she's had a random waking here and there, but we're always able to quickly soothe her back to sleep without nursing.

    I was so reluctant to try night weaning. I was afraid of rejecting my daughter, I was afraid of hours of crying... I guess I was afraid of the change... What I love about this method is that we're not letting her cry it out---we're there in the bed with her the whole time, patting her and soothing her. She knows she's not alone. And I think my husband enjoys feeling more a part of things, as he actively soothes her too.

    Anyway, just wanted to share this little success. Who knows if it will last, but the extra sleep has done wonders for all of us.

    Incidentally, she also started walking full-on two days ago. Not sure of any connection... But we definitely seem to have crossed over into new territory on two fronts, and it feels good!

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    Default Re: Need Night Weaning Advice!

    I think I used Dr Gray's recommended plan as well.

    We basically took it one small step at a time - and replaced the nursing with other soothing that was less engaging than nursing.

    For us, when we decided to night wean, I actually slept on the couch for a while after putting son to sleep in our bed (he was 18 months). Then when he woke to nurse my husband soothed him back to sleep in the bed-- back rubbing, shhing, etc. It was only a few nights of this and my son stopped waking up so fully that he needed soothing, and he started sleeping through the night (not consistently right away, but it started!)

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