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Thread: First tooth question

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    Smile First tooth question

    Hi mommies Julian is 9 months old and has just cut his first tooth! Just a little bit of it is sticking out of his gums, a little sharp white bit of tooth! I am so proud How long does it take for the tooth to come in now that it has broken through his gums?
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    For both of my kids, it would take a couple weeks for the teeth to fully erupt.

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    well i think its different with every kid, just like they all get their teeth at different ages, my neighbors son is 1 1/2 months younger than mine and he got his teeth like 2 months before, with him you could see the little white shade then three days alter POP, but with my sebas it took a month since I first saw that white little ominous thing still inside his gum, then nearly a month for the other one to come out... so all I can tell you is that everyones different

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