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Thread: At the end of my rope

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    Quote Originally Posted by wyattsmama View Post
    Could he be teething?? I just had the roughest day so far yesterday with my LO!! He will be 4 months on the 9th of November and he was doing the same thing. Nursing...falling asleep then screaming and just unsoothable for the first time ever!! He had real tears and didn't stop crying even in my arms!! Lo and behold...he has 2 little stubs of teeth today. At least I figured out he didn't have a personality change
    I don't think so! Her baby is only 4 weeks old! (My B-day is Nov. 9th too!!)

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    oh LOL....I thought she said 4 months... la la la...thats my off in my own land! Well I am tired

    BTW Happy Birthday!! Thats my sisters b.day too!

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    Wow, I remember those crazy early growth spurt days, and I only have one little guy! Let me just say that I am sure you are doing better than you think you are.

    My best suggestion is to give yourself permission to take a break. There were a couple of days when I was really feeling at the end of my rope and simply let my poor little guy stay safely in his crib for a bit (after I was sure he'd been fed and cleaned) while his going-crazy mother did something - anything - else. You are both going to need you later, so there has to be something left of you! You're doin' good, Mama!

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    Hi there!

    I agree with the posters who said it sounds like a growth spurt. You've got to just ride them out! You've got a lot of great advice already, but I didn't see that anyone had addressed your concern about whether you were making enough milk. Here's an article that can help you determine that:


    Hang in there!
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    How to tell if your breastfed baby is getting enough milk!

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    Quote Originally Posted by LunaticLibrarian View Post
    I know this book has been recommended before, and it was a life saver for my DH and I, it's by Harvey Karp, MD and called "The Happiest Baby on the Block".
    A friend gave us this book (they used it with a very colicky baby) and it's been a HUGE help for us. Dr. Karp goes over the "5 s" of soothing (swaddling, shhhhing, side/stomach, swinging, and sucking) with alot of specific recommendations for different techniques to try.

    Hang in there!!

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