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Aya's mom, we ruled out the possibility of silent reflux but diet sensitivities still continue to be an issue. I have gone through the top eight allergers and have omitted what I have felt has made her symptoms worse, but somehow we are still not there yet. She has had a few "normal" (as in mustard yellow with curds in it) diapers and her symptoms have gotten better since I started the diet at 3 weeks old but there's inconsistencies still. Every now and then she'll have dark green mucousy stools which last about a week which make her gassy and uncomfortable. For the most part her stools are a light green. What is your expecience with that? Did she grow out of it? Once you took out whatever was bothering her, was her poop consistently better? We had an appointment with a GI Dr and they want to do a colonoscopy to determine if its a true milk allergy or lymphatic tissue being exaserbated. I'm hesitant to say the least. We have another apt for a second opinion next week....
DD's main symptoms, besides the mucousy poops, were breast refusal and slow weight gain. I just started the diet 6 weeks ago and she's now 7 months old. The breast refusal and weight are better. The mucousy poops are slightly better (instead of green, they are sometimes yellow or orangish) but still mucousy.

But I know there must be something else in my diet that's bothering her (either an unusual food or a combination of foods that 'build up' her reactions), because of the poops but also because she completely refused the breast yesterday and today she's very hesitantly nursing. So I need to figure out what else is bothering her.

I'd be interested to hear how the second opinion appt goes for you, and if you decide to do the testing.

Yesterday I took DD to the pedi to discuss allergy testing or seeing a specialist, and she told me she thinks it's teething! We recently switched pedis because of lack of support, and now we're running into the same problem with the new pedi.

I read somewhere online about a book called "Is This Your Baby?" by Doris Rapp. Have you heard of it? I'm going to the library today to check it out.