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Thread: Relactation after 4 months - Am I nuts?

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    I merged the other duplicate thread with this one to keep everything in one place. Sorry it scrambles things a bit!

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    His name was Cornball Wallace...

    Default Re: Relactation after 4 months - Am I nuts?

    The Green Gloop=
    the basic recipe for MilkFlow, the galactagogue that I messaged you about (I got permission to publicly distribute the name, which I wanted to wait to have before posting publicly)
    I also make it sometimes on my own still by just mixing up some ground caraway, aniseed, cinnamon and boiling them in water for about 15 min then adding brown sugar to taste. Is good stuff! I think I'm going to be doing more of it soon bc I'm wanting to build a freezer stash to donate to someone with Human Milk 4 Human Babies.
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    Relactated from scratch after a complicated birth(BAD hospital)...
    Now relatched and & ing after 5 months of 100% EBM feeding
    Planning permanent lactation.
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    Default Re: Relactation after 4 months - Am I nuts?

    Thanks tarantamom I am going to try to make my own tomorrow. I am trying to find out if your friend ships to the US. I messaged her. I'll keep you posted on how it goes.

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    Default Re: Relactation after 4 months - Am I nuts?

    What amounts do you use of each ingredient? I bought everything today and I'm about to make it but then I realized I have no idea how much of what! LOL

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    Bumping because you were saying you were frustrated Hopefully you can get some encouragement!

    I think you can do it. I have done it (not the nursing, but the pumping) and am down to 2-3 bottles of formula a day at most. Yesterday he had one. And I am a single mom and occasionally miss sessions.

    It's really important to keep emptying your breasts as often as you can.. even if it is a few drops. Even if you can only pump for 5 minutes, it count. I even pump in between classes for like 3-4 minutes. I used to think it was pointless, but I think that helped alot in building a supply.

    What's been going on? Anything we can help with? Do you have a hospital grade pump and the right size flanges? Are you taking any meds/herbs for milk supply? Will your LO latch on?

    Keep going for encouragement!

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    I know this thread is about two years old, but I'm dying to know the outcome of your relactation attempt I'm considering trying to relactate for my now 4 month old daughter. And I'm also curious about the exact recipe for "green gloop"... Was that information ever posted?

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