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Thread: Low milk supply: baby not willing to latch :mom prediabetic

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    Default Low milk supply: baby not willing to latch :mom prediabetic


    My story so far:

    1.Gestational Diabetic during pregnancy
    2. With Diet and minimum medicine (glyburide) , delivery was normal. Baby sugar levels were normal (thanks to Lord)
    3. Baby was in Nicu for 12 hours as I had GD and hence his first feed was formula..
    4. Baby was not able to latch for 2 months and so I was pumping. Also gave formula . 50%-50%
    5. Tried nipple shield and within a week baby started latching...but never I had 100% milk.
    6. By 6 weeks , I was diagnosed with Pre diabetic and was forced to be on strict diet (1400 , 30 to 60 carbs per meal) as I need to reduce weight( 145 lbs currently, 25 lb more to go) to maintain sugar levels.
    7. Baby is 4 months old now and I see gradual reduction in milk. Until now he was latching 10mins(L)+ 10mins(R) /feed appx. Now I am able to generate 3 to 4 oz per day , rest all is formula. Due to this baby is not willing to latch.

    Can I increase the supply of milk? How can I encourage baby to latch again?

    Thanks for any help.

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    Default Re: Low milk supply: baby not willing to latch :mom prediab

    Best advice for encouraging baby to nurse imo is the www.kellymom.com article "help my baby won't nurse." I cannot give you the link, sorry. go to her site and search "baby won't nurse." that is what I do.

    Did you ever try/consider a lactation aid, so baby can be supplemented while nursing? These can sometimes be helpful when encouraging baby to nurse again as well.

    As far as your production, milk production is based largely on demand. If baby is not nursing at all, mom should be pumping frequently day and night with an excellent pump-at this age, 8 times a day (or more) or as close to that as you can.

    I am pretty sure fenugreek is counterindicated for moms with diabetes, but there are possibly other herbal or food based galactagogues you can try. I would also suggest speaking to your doctor about your very strict diet, which perhaps could be modified somewhat since you are lactating?

    If possible, I would suggest talking to an IBCLC and/or the book Making More Milk.

    You have worked very hard to provide your baby with your milk despite your rough start and medical issues. Every drop of your precious milk really does make a difference. I know from having gestational diabetes how hard those diets can be to stick to, and your hard work on improving your health is important to your baby's health and happiness as well.

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    Default Re: Low milk supply: baby not willing to latch :mom prediab

    Here's the link that LLLMeg mentioned: http://kellymom.com/bf/concerns/child/back-to-breast/

    I also agree with LLLMeg that when baby is unable or unwilling to nurse, the best way to increase production is to pump with a high-quality double electric pump with properly sized shields. A hospital-grade rental pump is ideal.

    I just want to say I am really sorry about your experience. It makes me mad that your baby was whisked off to the NICU for 12 hours and fed formula during that time. That is not a necessary intervention for babies born to moms with GD, particularly when the GD is well-controlled. If the baby is born with normal sugar levels, it should be allowed to nurse, should be kept with mom, and should be observed for signs of low sugar. If the baby's sugar drops, then it might be a good idea to supplement with formula or donor milk or sugar water. I'm saying this not because I want you to feel worse about your experience, but because we do get moms googling for threads like this and they should know that an automatic NICU stay and automatic formula is not proper management for a baby born to a GD mom.

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