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Thread: pumping for almost an hour

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    Default pumping for almost an hour

    my son is 7 weeks and I am EPing for various reasons. mostly because he would wnt to nurse for over an hour, and if i tried to take him off he would crryyyy his little head off! from the beginning i wasnt able to produce as much as he needed. my supply has been increasing with consistently pumping 6-8 times a day...but pumping for almost an hour each time to get 3-4 oz for each feeding is ruling my life!

    i have an ameda purley yours, i have gotten the larger shields...i just dont know why it takes me so long to empty my breasts! any ideas??? i feel like i might myself to death

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    Hi mama, and

    EPing is tough. Your baby is so lucky to have you! The key to building up your supply is frequent milk removal. Milk production operates on a negative feedback system. Leaving milk in the breasts tells your body to scale back on production; removing milk and "emptying" your breasts (keeping in mind that breasts are never truly "empty") tells your body that your baby is hungry and to make more.

    Most 7 week olds are nursing at least 7-8 times a day, and maybe more like 10-12. So ideally you would be pumping as many times as your baby needs to eat. More numerous but shorter pumping sessions may be in order. I would recommend power pumping in the evenings, or whenever it is that you have help during the day from sig other/husband/mom/etc. Power pumping mimics cluster feeding, which lots of babies do during growth spurts to ramp up production; you pump 10 min/off 10 min/pump 10/off 10, etc for one hour.

    Keep in mind that you need to pump in the middle of the night at least once.

    Doing breast compressions while pumping can help get more milk faster.

    See this link on kellymom: http://www.kellymom.com/bf/pumping/p..._decrease.html

    Also, make sure you aren't over feeding your baby. Babies drink much faster from a bottle than the breast, and so sometimes have additional sucking needs after they've had enough to eat. See this link, also from kellymom: http://www.kellymom.com/bf/pumping/milkcalc.html

    Hopefully some EP moms on here can chime in w/ more specific advice. Good luck!
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    Default Re: pumping for almost an hour

    with PP. And great links. The only other thing that I would add is if you want to get your LO back to the breast- which in the long run is usually much easier (breastfeeding vs pumping) this link has some good info.

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    Default Re: pumping for almost an hour

    responded to your other thread
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    Jut wanted to throw my 2 cents in. My LO used to do the same thing-- nurse and nurse and nurse for long periods. I imagine she was getting used to nursing but also enjoying the comfort. Are you sure it's a supply issue? I had plenty of milk but my LO just enjoyed spending time there. For a while, it took over 2 hrs to nurse her to sleep. :-) I guess you have to decide if it's better to EP or not. My LO eventually started getting more efficient. Hope this is helpful! Good luck!

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    Me too, I often felt stir-crazy because my DD wanted to bf 4x/hour when she was a newborn. We kept on bfing. We also did babywearing, which helped her need for closeness and made it possible for me to get up and move around while bfing. Sometimes when I'd had enough I transferred her to DH and he wore DD, which he loved to do.

    Another thing that saved my sanity was safe co-sleeping, which gave us together time without me feeling antsy. It built my supply and helped DD take in more calories at night, which reaped benefits every time I got out of the nursing chair.

    Eventually babies do become more efficient and they also become more secure, and want to see more of the world; You'll notice a big change when he becomes more mobile and he wants to practice pushing up on his arms, rolling over, etc.
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