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Thread: reintroducing the bottle

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    Default reintroducing the bottle

    My LC advised me to introduce the bottle when my lo was 1 month so that he wouldn't reject it for when I go back to work at 12 weeks. I followed the guidelines from kellymom but I quickly realized that was too soon as he went through nipple confusion. He is now 8 weeks and nursing like a pro. I am worried about having trouble nursing when he is taking around 4 bottles a day while I am at work.
    I have a few questions I would love input on:

    -When should I reintroduce the bottle?
    -How frequently should I give it to him? or rather how infrequently can I because I really just prefer to nurse
    -Any suggestions for ensuring he still latches well during BFing (besides kellymom advice)

    I was thinking the day before I go back to work I would do a "trial run" where I pump during the times I'll be able to pump at work, and use my freezer stash to have DH give him his bottles.

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    Default Re: reintroducing the bottle

    Some babies take to bottles with no problem at all. You could try one again and see if he seems to have any trouble or not. If he does, then it might be worthwhile to give a bottle each day or so to help in stay in practice. It might be that he takes to it like a fish to water (my daughter is like this - I'm pretty sure she wouldn't mind all of her meals in bottles, the little varmint ). If that's the case, maybe a bottle every few days or so (or maybe even less) is all he'd need.

    I mention this because I'm guessing the initial exposure went pretty well if he ended up with nipple preference
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