I have an oversupply/overactive letdown problem and am really struggling with feeding my 6 week old. He's developed a suckle that is primarily biting and he's basically chewing my nipple. It's so severe that my LC and I didn't even figure out the source of my nipple pain was not due to a bad latch until last week, because while she was here we managed to get him to suckle correctly and I realized it was the first time I've felt his tongue on my nipple the whole time we've been nursing. I'm a ftm and so I didn't realize that it wasn't supposed to feel like a constant pinching. Anyway, my nipples are constantly sore and I've developed vasospasms and shooting pains in my breasts. When the pain gets really severe my whole breast will start to ache and the pain extends around my sides and into my back. My LC gave me advice on how to manage the OALD, but the only advice on the biting she had was just to deal with the letdown and hopefully he would grow out of the biting. But we are struggling so much I would really like to take a more proactive approach than that, so I have a couple questions.

Is there anything I can do to teach him to suckle properly instead of biting? We managed to get a good suckle going once while the LC was here, but that involved a bunch of positioning acrobatics and manipulating his mouth, and I haven't been able to duplicate it on my own since.

My son has gotten extremely fussy lately, and I'm concerned he might be having digestion issues due to our feeding problems. It's to the point where he cries unless he's being held and comforted or nursing. He occasionally has green poops but not all the time, so I know there's a fore/hind milk balance issue but its not constant. Is that much fussiness normal 6 week old behavior or could it be from the feeding problems? He's occasionally gassy and spits up, and I can hear his tummy rumbling while digesting every once in a while but I wouldn't say any of it is excessive. He's also gained 5lbs since birth if that's any indication.

Could this be a clampdown bite reflex problem? It's been constant since birth, but he's a cuddly baby and doesn't really seem to have excessive muscle tone or anything. My milk supply was really excessive at first and I was constantly leaking, but it's settled down a lot since then and his biting hasn't relented at all. I'm not sure if that's because its a reflex issue or if the chewing is just habit now. His birth was by c-section at 39 weeks, but it wasn't particularly traumatic or anything and we have no reason to think he has neurological problems.

Sorry if this is a little long, but I'm just so desperate for any help to stop the pain. It's so bad I've decided to quit on two separate occasions now, the only thing that prevented me from going through with it was because he was hungry and we had nothing else in the house to feed him. If anyone has any help or suggestions I would really really really appreciate it.