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Thread: Pumping in prepartion for return to work

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    Default Pumping in prepartion for return to work

    I am currently breastfeeding my second son on demand and thankfully it seems to be working well at 1 1/2 weeks! With my first, nursing never worked out so I exclusively pumped.

    My question is about when to start pumping to save up milk for bottle feedings and returning to work. I am taking 12 wks off so we have time, but I want to be sure we are well stocked and prepared for the transistion.

    Is 4-5 weeks a good time to test the introduction of a bottle? If so, when should I start pumping in between nursing?

    Also, when pumping in between feedings, when is the best time to do so and for how long? I don't want to interfere with his meals

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    Default Re: Pumping in prepartion for return to work

    4-5 weeks is an okay time to introduce bottles. By then, you don't worry as much about nipple preference.

    You don't necessarily have to give him a bottle every day once you do start. With my son, my husband gave him a bottle in the evening while I pumped for the next bottle, and that was maybe 2-3 nights out of a week. With my daughter, she had a bottle maybe twice total before starting daycare - with 2 under 2, pumping is a PITA.

    Mornings are better as far as yield. If you pump immediately after a feed, you won't worry about interfering w/ his next "meal". You may not get that much, but when you pump you are signaling your body to make more milk, so eventually you will start making larger amounts.

    Remember that when you go back to work, you will be pumping instead of nursing rather than in addition to nursing, so you don't have to worry if you aren't pumping that much while on leave.

    I wouldn't worry about building up too much of a stash. I started pumping once every morning starting around 4 weeks. I sent myself into such oversupply that I now have to pump less or I get super engorged on the weekends when it's just us. My freezer and my parents' freezer are both full of my stash You pump each day at work for the milk he will receive the following day, so technically you only need enough stash for that first day back to work. Most moms feel better with a little more insurance than that, so I'd maybe have saved about a week's worth of milk - 3-4 bottles per day, times 5 days, so maybe 20 bagsish.

    Make sure you don't have a lipase problem. Let one of your pumped bottles sit in the fridge for a few days and then feed. If you have lipase, the milk will smell bad and your baby won't take it. If that is the case, you will need to scald your milk before freezing. I'll let Tracie or Susan or one of the other lipase mamas weigh in on that, b/c it's a problem I don't have.

    Good luck!
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