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Thread: night weaning!

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    Default night weaning!

    We tried it, and so far so good!

    Not sure why, but my 14 m.o. daughter had been waking up HOURLY for the previous month or so... She stopped sleeping through the night at five months, so we were going on nine months without a full night of sleep. We co-sleep, but I've never been able to just sleep through a feeding for some reason. I was utterly exhausted. I'd started having heart palpitations from the lack of sleep (I think). I wasn't feeling resentful or anything, just a little worried for my physical and mental health!

    We didn't really plan to night wean, but my husband suggested I sleep in the guest room for a few nights so I could get some sleep. He bottle fed her those three nights. When we switched off, something just told me to try other comfort measures.

    The first night, she only cried for about three or four minutes (much shorter than I thought she would) while I patted her, rubbed her tummy, and crooned in my best hypnotic voice, "Soooo sleeeeeepy." She woke maybe four or five times.

    Second night, she only woke once, very short little crying session, and the patting and crooning once again soothed her back to sleep.

    And last night (third night)---she slept through the night! I can't believe it! I feel like a new woman! And I imagine she enjoyed the full night of sleep, too.

    I was so reluctant to try night weaning. I was afraid of rejecting my daughter, I was afraid of hours of crying... I guess I was afraid of the change... Anyway, just wanted to share this little success. Who knows if it will last, but the extra sleep from the past few nights has done wonders for all of us.

    Incidentally, she also started walking full-on two days ago. Not sure of any connection... But we definitely seem to have crossed over into new territory on two fronts, and it feels good!

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    Default Re: night weaning!

    Congrats! Mine will be 12 mos next week, and I'm starting to think about night weaning... not just yet, but sometime this summer. I have a two day wedding in Sept that I can't bring him to, so I'm trying to prepare. Anyway, I'm dreading it and scared, and it's always nice to hear success stories that don't involve misery all around! Congrats!
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