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Thread: Relactation after 6 months

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    I need your help! I stopped BF my son after about two months & he is now suffering with severe Acid Relux & milk protein allergies so I was hoping mommy milk might help him! I have a tiny bit of colostrum left if I try, any suggestions?!

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    Sure! It's great that you still have colostrum. Suggestions from an expert:

    Note if you have to resort to pumping only, you will need a high-quality pump. Renting a hospital-grade is best, but a new Medela (NAYY) pump like the Freestyle is also good. Personal-use pumps have parts that wear down after about a year, so even if you have a pump you used from your own previous pregnancy it might nto work as well.

    Lots of skin-to-skin contact will be very helpful for your LO and for breastfeeding success. Try babywearing with an open neckline so LO can feel your skin, and wear clothes that provide good access.

    Many mothers have used domperidome to boost supply
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    Ouch! Is it thrush or Raynaud's phenomenon?

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