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Thread: OALD?? And a pumping question

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    Default OALD?? And a pumping question

    So I think I have OALD, but not sure. The last 2 days at the late afternoon feeding (between 4-6pm), DD will be nursing and then spit up at the breast. It comes out her nose and then she chokes. This has happened a few times before. But the last 2 days she has re-latched, then pitched a fit and worked herself into hysteria. I have to get her calm before she can finish eating. Does this sound like OALD? If so, what can I do about it if anything?

    Second, we are going to a wedding this weekend for DH's cousin. (I don't want to go as it's at least a 2.5 hour drive each way for a cousin we never see, but that's a whole other story...) Anyway, DH's family are a bunch of weirdos and I'm not real comfortable BF'ing around them. Also, in light of the above issue, BF'ing may be a challenge at the wedding. If I feed DD a bottle of expressed milk at the wedding and then go pump somewhere in place of the feeding, that shouldn't affect my supply, right?

    Thanks so much for any advice you can give me!

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    Default Re: OALD?? And a pumping question

    How old is your baby?

    The short answer is that it shouldn't hurt you supply as long as you pump to supply the missed nursing session but if your baby is really young (less than 4-6 weeks), I wouldn't give a bottle yet as you don't want to risk nipple confusion.
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    Default Re: OALD?? And a pumping question

    She will be 8 weeks tomorrow. We have given her a bottle 2 or 3 times before and she doesn't reallly seem to care how she gets fed as long as she's getting food. She's a piglet

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    Default Re: OALD?? And a pumping question

    It does sound like OALD might be an issue for you. Usually it's something that babies "grow into" - as they get older, they can handle the fast flow better and better. And the OALD tends to calm itself down too, as your supply self-regulates. One trick is to unlatch and let your breasts let down into a towel for a second, and then latch the baby back on once the flow slows down. Another trick is to nurse your baby in a reclining position where gravity will work against your flow.

    Nursing in public with OALD and a fussy nurser can be a challenge! I know from experience! I used a nursing cover in my early days with Joe - the kind that has boning at the neck so you can see what you're doing. That way, although he was constantly latching on and off, and milk was going everywhere!, no one could really see what I was doing at all. I bet some folks didn't even know what I was doing.

    Another great option is to retreat back to the car to nurse or find another private place. You don't HAVE to nurse around people who make you feel uncomfortable.

    But if you're not comfortable nursing at all at the wedding, give your baby a bottle of EBM. You may need to pump, not just to keep your supply up (skipping one feeding is probably not a big deal in the scheme of things at 8 weeks), but more, to relieve any engorgement or discomfort. You might want to pack a little hand pump just in case, to take the edge off if you start leaking.

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