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    Hope everyone and their LOs are doing great

    I just had a questions about the number of times my 12 weeks old nurses in a 24 hours span. Right now he is nursing 7-8 times a day including a couple times a night. He is having 6-8 wet diapers and an explosive (as in all the way from back to his belly button!)poop every 2-3 days. I just want to make sure that the low end (7 times a day) nursing wont affect my supply in the long run. Also any ideas on how to swaddle just the arms on a VERY strong and wiggly boy?? He tends to wake himself by pretty much punching himself in the face when he startles Any ideas would be awesome! Thanks!

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    Sounds pretty normal to me. As long as you're nursing him whenever he is hungry and his diaper output is fine. I think even if you could just swaddle the arms the baby probably wouldn't like it that much. Maybe there's something else you can do to to stop him from hitting himself in the face... Sorry. Hopefully someone else will have some ideas.

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    My baby nurses only 6-7 times per day, and she's not much older than your son. Probably dropped down to that around his age, maybe a little earlier.

    For the swaddling, I'd try swaddling just his lower half, and then when he's more drowsy but maybe not all the way asleep, get his upper half. I like the velcro swaddling blankets you can get @ BRU - lots of times they have some of the less popular colors on clearance, and hey, who cares if his swaddler is ugly? He's asleep in it, right?
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    I like those velcro swaddlers too.

    We also swaddled Lilah one direction with one blanket, then the other direction with a second blanket and then used duct tape to secure the outer blanket where there was the little tail. She was stiff as a board. Sounds weird, but it worked.

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