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    My son is 5 weeks old and eats about 5 oz per feeding every 2 hours. I have wanted to breast feed him exclusively but have been unable to do so because at his 2 week checkup he had not gained enough weight back. He also hadn't gained enough weight by 3 weeks of age. His doctor told me to pump and feed him what I pump and then to offer him formula. So for the past 3 weeks he has been breast feeding and then getting formula. I have only been able to pump 2 oz, so I know he eats about 2 oz from me and now, at 5 weeks he has been also eating 3 oz of formula. The problem is that it takes SO long to feed him that he is hungry again shortly after he is done feeding the first time. I need some suggestions on how to build up my milk supply. I really want to breast feed only and would LOVE to be able to stop using formula. I really need some advice on how to produce more milk.

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    5 oz is ALOT for a baby his age to get at one feeding- my son is almost 6 months and always gets 4 oz.

    So I think you are probably making enough milk, so long as you keep pumping with a good (ideally hospital grade) pump!

    Take a look at this http://www.kellymom.com/bf/pumping/milkcalc.html

    I bet someone can give some advice for you for getting back to the breast though!

    And welcome!

    Good luck!

    OH! How often are you pumping? The best way to make more milk is to keep removing it. How much do you pump in a day?
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    Quote Originally Posted by @llli*r3m3mb3rctr View Post
    My son is 5 weeks old and eats about 5 oz per feeding every 2 hours.

    His doctor told me to pump and feed him what I pump and then to offer him formula.

    This sounds a lot like my situation too! I had been pumping and pumping and pumping, and not being able to keep up because my son just wanted more and more to eat. Sometimes, we were up to 8 oz within a span of 2 hours. It was ridiculous. Then someone told me that he might just want to comfort suck, and he can't do that with the bottle. So when we thought he was asking for food all the time, he was really just wanting to suck. We started to offer a pacifier in between feedings and it helped tremendously. Now, he's eating about 2.5 to 4 oz every 1.5 to 2 hours. So much more manageable!

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    I was a little confused... are you nursing him on the breast and then giving formula or just giving him bottles of both BM and formula? Not sure if my experience will help but here it is.

    If you are breastfeeding at the breast this is what I did:

    My son didn't gain enough initially (first 2 wks) and I knew that if we went back to the dr the following week he would suggest supplementing so i began nursing him at any sign of wanting to eat...touching his face, opening his mouth.

    I nursed him ALL DAY and just kept switch back and forth between breasts. Didnt use a clock, but there were times when he sucked on my breasts for three to four hours straight! back and forth, falling asleep with it and sucking it in his sleep. This was super helpful because he was getting calories even just from comfort sucking.

    I also compressed my breast whenever he sucked and this really helped.

    I watched videos on latching just to make sure it really was correct and tried to adjust it a bit.

    At the end of the week I was exhausted but his weight was an oz a day and the dr let it go. I was prepared to insist on only supplementing with expressed milk but we never got to that point. Even though its hard to say something other than what a dr is suggesting, sometimes you need to express and alternative plan if that is what is right for you. If its reasonable they should be willing to try it.
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    We actually were marathon nursing until a few days ago... hes 8 wks now. So if you do that you may need to keep it up for a bit, depending on the needs of your LO.

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