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Thread: Alternatives to nursing in public

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    With DD1, I actually started getting embarrassed to nurse in public at 8MO This time, I was fine with it until around 14MO and I will admit, it had more to do with just not knowing what everyone around me thought. All of my friends knew I still nursed and I would tell anyone if it came up in conversation, it was just more of a self-concious thing.

    At any rate, around then, I would just say, "not now" and stick to it. Now, she just knows when I say, "not now" that she doesn't need to bother asking again or throwing a fit because I won't give into it. I also offer to cuddle and she is a BIG cuddler so she always takes me up on it As far as the manners when she does ask, she is usually diving her hand down the front of my shirt

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    Quote Originally Posted by @llli*tarantamom View Post
    I NIP, personally.
    I don't really have much to add that the others haven't said already, but I just wanted to throw out my opinion, don't worry about nursing her because of what other people think if that is the reason. Too often mothers are pushed to "closet nursing" because of public pressures...and it is so unfair on us. If I saw a Mama nursing her toddler lovingly, anywhere, I would tell her she is awesome for nurturing her LO!
    I complete agree with this, breastfeeding was never a big deal in my country and now as more moms are turning to formula its starting to become a "yucky" thing, I will do it anywhere and everywhere, If i try to cover baby hell just take it off so he can smile at me, so I say dont worry too much about it... its the natural way to go!

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