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Thread: Nipple shield to Breast

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    Hello! I'm sorry to hear of the hurdles you've been faced with so far but I applaud your tenacity!

    Both my boys were on nipple shields in the beginning. My tricks to wean off were 1. Nurse before they really got frantic, i found they were a little more patient with me if they weren't ravenous. 2. I put ice on my nips to get them harder and easier to latch on to. 3. The side laying position is ultimately how I got both back to he breast. They're both stubborn and still dont like being overtly directed in that position I could lead them to a proper latch without holding their head in a way that pissed them off and finally, dream feeding in their sleep (also how I got #1 back to he breast after two nursing strikes). When they are drowsy and rooting around I'd do the side lying position and get them on the breast in their sleep so they didn't really notice he difference.

    Good luck

    Emily, mommy to
    Jeremija Charles - 5/30/07 - nursed 26 mo, and
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    "Forget past mistakes. Forget failures. Forget everything except what you are going to do now and do it." - William Durant

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    Hello Ladies,
    It has been about 3 months since I first posted this thread & I thought I'd share my success story with you ! I tried all the suggestions & my son would not have anything to do with eating off me without the shield,except for one time he tried it one morning on one side,but for many weeks afterwards he wanted to use the nipple shield only. I gave up after.I was one of those that thought I'd have to use the shield till he was done breastfeeding.I had heard stories about babies just deciding one day that they didn't want the shield & they stopped using it & never looked back,but I thought that would never happen to me,especially with a stubborn son like mine.Well ladies I was wrong,because it did happen to me Last week my son was playing a game in which he ate for a couple of minutes & then released his latch & would smile at me ,& then continue to repeat.Well as he released he would pull the nipple shield off so as cute as it was ,it also became kind of annoying because I had to keep putting the shield back on every few mins.I finally said "why don't you try it without the shield ?" My son looked at my breast kind of funny,but latched on & never looked back! I was so thrilled! There is the initial "toughing up" period which I am just about over,due to using the shield,but it's worth it. So ladies for those of you who have babies like mine was don't be discouraged. My son just turned 5 months old,it takes time ,but it can happen

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