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Thread: Had my LC consultation today!

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    Default Had my LC consultation today!

    I had my consultation with the lactation consultant today. She was wonderful!!

    Some things I learned from her - and not sure how it's going to work, but I'll try...

    1. I have been using plastic nipple/breast shells since the hospital because of the yeast infection in my nipples & because I was using nystatin to treat it - the shells would keep anything from touching the nipples. LC said that those shells are bad news for infections because they harbor moisture and warmth which is a breeding ground for yeast. So, I stopped using them today.

    2. She also said that using Lanolin (Lansinoh) is also bad news when you have an infection because it gets into the cracks in the nipples and seals it off so that the air can't help heal them.

    I didn't realize I was possibly deterring the healing process. In any case, I think that the infection is pretty much done. I am still using the nystatin for now until my OB tells me otherwise...but the LC said everything looks really good.

    I am producing enough milk (Ashelyn weighed 7 lbs 15.8 oz before feeding and then weighed 8 lbs 2 oz after feeding (before her BM). So, she's definitely getting what she needs. That was one of my biggest worries.

    The only problem now is that since I am not using the shells, my nipples are hurting often at latching & in between feedings because the disposable pads are rubbing up against me. Any thoughts on what to do here??

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    Default Re: Had my LC consultation today!

    Around the house I like wearing a plain old cotton sports bra. It breaths well and absorbs any leakage. If you have a yeast problem, then I would stay away from disposable breast pads. They have plastic in them and don't breath, so it is the same concept as the lanolin and the shells. Let 'em breath!
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    Default Re: Had my LC consultation today!

    Yup, let 'em breathe, stay topless as much as possible, maybe just why you sleep if you're not in to letting the ladies swing all day!
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    Default Re: Had my LC consultation today!

    My ped you is LC too adviced me to not to put nursing pads but small cotton fabric pieces. It was great cause when i was leaking there was no problem and my nipple was breathing at the same time.

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    Default Re: Had my LC consultation today!

    I am battling thrush too...very painful nipples...I've started using monistat derm cream between feedings. Honestly the only way I find any kind of comfort is to walk around the house topless. Needless to say my curtains are closed at all times! I also gave up the nursing pads for a while...I found they were sticking to me and pulling them off would further aggravate the irritation.

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