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Thread: re-latching tongue-tied baby after EP??

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    Unhappy re-latching tongue-tied baby after EP??

    Hi, I should probably do a bit of a background post to help get better advice...

    I was unable to BF my oldest (Dec '03) for unknown reasons (at 20 and isolated from friends and family I had noone to ask for advice/help) my next baby (June '09) I struggled for the full 12 weeks we managed to partially BF for (had to top up with formula at midwife and GPs insistence as all they could figure out was that i had a low supply. I used Domperidone, Fenugreek capsules, brewers yeast and tried to pump between feeds to boost supply to no avail) before she started refusing to latch, I managed to pump what I could for the next 4 weeks before my supply tapered off to the point I was pumping all day to get the equivalent of one bottle a day.

    This time around I have an 8week old son and once again I have had to top up with formula as my supply never got up high enough to fully sustain him, he was still losing weight at 3 weeks old, and after a hospital stay we found he had a grade 4 tongue tie, but this was not the original problem, simply put, I dont appear to have enough milk duct/tissue and will always have low supply issues... This is despite being on maximum domperidone dosage, along with blessed thistle, fenugreek capsules, and lactation cookies containing oats, LSA meal and brewers yeast. Is this really a possible reason for struggling to feed all 3 times?! Anywho, over the last 3 weeks (hospital admission was at 3.5 weeks) he has started refusing to latch, we managed to keep him on using a SNS for a few days but even with that he now wont try to feed, I've also been using shields to help him feed with the tongue tie, and also as a means to 'trick' him into thinking hes getting it from bottle... that worked, but again only for a short time. As of last week I am stuck EPing and only just getting enough to feed him EBM during daylight hours, at night I'm having to resort to formula as I have no milk left.

    This is my last baby and it brings me to tears to think that I have failed all over again, and will never get the chance to BF a baby the way my mother and sister were able to. please help if you can, how can I get him to latch on again if all he does is scream when I try??? I have tried every supplement that I have available over here, have used different brands of pumps, electric and manual but they all seem to get the same amount (1-2oz every 2-3 hours, and 3oz at most first thing in the morning). I've seen 4 different lactation consultants, one of which was the one who discovered the tongue tie (which I am currently waiting on an appointment with our district surgeon to discuss operating on) but noone seems to be able to tell me anything except that I have a low supply... according to pump output, that 'low supply' is only getting lower as the days go by.

    I knew giving him a bottle so early on would create problems but with my midwife, the hospital and c.y.f.s (not sure what the U.S equivalent is, but social workers who visit 'bad' parents??) all breathing down my neck because of the prolonged weight loss I felt like I had no other choice (I was so sure that this is why I struggled with my daughter as well, and had decided to hold off introducing a bottle for that very reason, for which I'm now paying the price )

    Can anyone think of anything different i can try to get back to BFing, or at least boost my supply while EPing until the tongue tie is sorted and we can try and teach him to latch properly?? Any advice would be immensely appreciated!

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    Default Re: re-latching tongue-tied baby after EP??

    what type of a pump are you using? How often are you pumping and for how long?
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    At the moment I have a medela mini electric double for at home, and an Avent (not sure if you guys have this brand) manual for out and about, both get the same amount and I pump for about 5 mins after the milk stops flowing, ends up being 15-20mins on the double, up to 1/2 an hour on the manual. Was using a hospital grade medela pump for a couple of weeks on loan but they wanted it back, and my manual was getting the same amount of volume anyway. Dont have the money to buy any more pumps

    How often, I try to pump every 2 hours at most (basically in place of, and inbetween feed) during daylight, and 3-4 hourly at night

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