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Thread: Decreased supply nursing 1 yr old- help!

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    Default Decreased supply nursing 1 yr old- help!

    I am kind of upset about this! I have a 13 month old. For the last few months I have been nursing him Much less than I did before- sometimes down to once or twice a day, and not always for too long. now recently my supply is way low. when he woke up to nurse tonight I had like no milk! I started pumping yesterday- and pumped 4 times today- and had pumped aout an hour before I tried to nurse him, so I know there is a connection. Also- the low supply seems to be in the last 2 weeks- which is the time in which I have been hand expressing as much milk as could. I thought pumping and expressing would increase my supply but I don't know.
    part of the trouble is a bad latch since he has teeth. He now latches really shallow and it is uncomfortable for me. Now that my supply is low it is even worse because he latches shallow, I get uncomfortbale quickly, and I jst don't let down and then he gets frustrated and stops!

    so I really want to figure out how to get him to latch better. And also how to get my milk supply up again. It is down because I don't nurse him enough. so what do I do?! I am feeling distraught over this, especially tongiht. So often I sit down to nurse him and it ends up in a toothy latch and frustration.

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    Default Re: Decreased supply nursing 1 yr old- help!

    There's a good description of how to correct a latch in the post just after yours ("Teeth making things difficult -ouch").

    Here it is, copied and pasted:

    "It said that if you hold your breast with the thumb on top and 2-4 fingers underneath and press into the breast with your index finger as you latch her on, it makes the nipple point downwards."

    And now that I read it more carefully, I realize that this is what I do with my daughter. Sometimes I really have to cram it in her mouth, lol!

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    Default Re: Decreased supply nursing 1 yr old- help!

    What makes you think you have no milk when you nurse?

    Pumping at this point will likely not yield much milk, since your body produces milk only when it's needed. It would take at least a few days maybe longer to get your body to make milk at times other than your usual nursing times.

    Also, is there any chance you are pregnant?
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    Default Re: Decreased supply nursing 1 yr old- help!

    thanks-- I tried that latching technique this morning- if there was improvement it was minimal to none, but I can try again. Definitely not pregnant, 100% sure.
    today my supply seemed better but I am still having so much trouble with ds's latch- and infrequent nursing- we only nursed this morning so far. I offerred twice since then and he just rolled off my lap. I pumped once today- got an ounce. I am pumping less today than yestsreday to see if when he does accept the nursing if I have more mik- yesterday I pumped 4 times and at night when he wanted to nurse I seemed to have no milk.
    so I think my issue may be the latch and discomfort of nursing more than the supply- if I can just get it more comfortable I can nurse more and bring my supply up.
    this morning- for example- I was so determined to have a good nursing session. So, we woke up, changed a sopping wet diaper, and then nursed. HE did latch on and did nurse, but he kept popping off every ten seconds or so- and then the latch got and I would pop him off and switch- oops gotta go tend ds

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