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Thread: nipple vasospasm?

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    Default nipple vasospasm?

    Hi - my son's 4 weeks old, I started out with inverted/flat nipples (nursing my last child 4 yrs ago was very painful) and almost immediately got bleeding cracks; i have very large breasts whcih, combined with little nipple, made it hard to get a deep enough latch. These are now resolving. However I'm having ongoing deep, radiating (knife-like) breast pain that comes and goes in waves, for a couple of hours after he feeds. i've been treated for yeast with diflucan/low-sugar diet/topical creams for about 2 weeks and have not noticed major improvement with this specific pain. i suggested to my OB that it could be Raynauds/nipple vasospasm based on this:

    >> having circulatory problems that intensify in cold weather or under emotional stress - maybe yes, i was diagnosed with chillblains (a cold-sensitive circulation problem) during my last pregnancy 4 yrs ago but haven't had a problem with it recently

    >> nipples that will change colors from white to purple in between breast feedings - maybe yes. they're red/pink most of the time, part of one turns white temporarily after feeding (this nipple is football-shaped) and part of the other turns purple (i thought it was a blister or something, maybe not)

    >> stabbing, stinging, or burning pain throughout the chest area - yes, it comes and goes and is most strong after he feeds.

    The OB agreed with my self-diagnosis and prescribed nefidipine, which i know has some side effects. Question: does my self-diagnosis seem right, and does it make sense to try this medication? Any ideas of what could be causing the breast pain if it's not thrush?

    Thanks much-

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    Default Re: nipple vasospasm?

    From the sound of it mama, it does sound like Raynaud's. I had it as well....no fun. I took the nifedipine in the beginning to get over the initial issues, then I learned of some other ways to help combat it.

    Have you seen this or this?

    Good luck mama! Hope you feel better soon!
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    Default Re: nipple vasospasm?

    It sounds like vapospasms to me as well. My OB did prescribe the same medicine for me, but after taking just one pill, I became dizzy and lightheaded. It freaked me out b/c my blood pressure is already pretty low and I didn't want to take the chance of it going even lower.

    I treated it as naturally as I could and it definitly made a difference. Before and after each daytime feeding, I would shove a heated rice sock down my bra. Sometimes I did this while I was nursing. I wore lots of layers to keep warm - bra, tight long sleeved tee and a sweatshirt. At night, in between feedings, I would sleep with a heating pad. While dd was nursing on the one side, I'd be heating up the other side! Not so natural, but I also downed the advil for several weeks when it was really bad.

    I had this from the time dd was about 2 weeks old until she was 9-10 weeks. It is 99% better now (she is 14 weeks). Occasionally, I feel the stabs under my arms, but very, very rarely.

    I hope some of that helps.

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