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Thread: Is this a nursing strike?

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    Default Is this a nursing strike?

    My baby is being really finicky and screaming A LOT. He's generally very happy. We had a couple colicky weeks when he was about 4-7ish weeks. He's 3 months (born 1/14) and has been teething for about 2 weeks. He's really fussy and alternates between nursing around the clock and refusing to nurse or just snacking. Yesterday I had to nurse him in a car when we were at my IL's house because he refused to latch on at all and just screamed. He was sucking his hands but he sucks different when he's hungry vs when he's just exploring with his mouth (I recognized this also with #1). I can feel him nursing differently when he does nurse. His gums are super swollen and I've been giving him Hyland's teething tablets for a few days which seem to help a little and occasionally some Tylenol. I'm getting quite engorged-I already have an oversupply and I pump and donate it and get about 8 oz (on average-sometimes it's as low as 5 and sometimes it's as much as 11) from a pumping in the morning-he's only taking 1 side for about 5 minutes if that. I've tried swaddling him to nurse him-sometimes that works. I've tried a teether but he hates those (we have several different ones). Sometimes rubbing his gums helps but not other times...

    I know we're both kind of frustrated. I was just wondering what else I could do to help the situation or if I just need to wait it out. I don't really want to give him a bottle and doubt he'd take it anyways and he's having plenty of wet diapers-I'm just getting sore and very sleepy from a screaming baby and being a binkie sometimes. I just want to know if this is a nursing strike-can they go through wanting you and totally rejecting you as part of one?
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    How long's he been on the hyland tabs? Could he be having a bad reaction to them? It souds a lot like teething. It could be a nursing strike. My 4th changes completely when she is on any meds. She turns into a hysterical mess and won't nurse but acts starving, but its just the meds. Even gas drops or teething gel.

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