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    Tooth bumps have popped up on my sons gums and when he is feeding it can feel like he has nipped me. He is 3 months old. I've heard that the bumps swell and recede, but is it one of those 'depends on the kid' kind of things? How can I prevent him nipping me?
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    My daughter was a little older than yours when this happened so I am not sure my solution will work for you. I looked her in the eyes and said no biting once. The second time she bit me I looked her in the eyes and said no biting again and then gave her to her dad. She cried for about 3 minutes then I took her back (still crying) and she didn't bite again. hth
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    Totally depends on the kid! My LO got his bottom two teeth at about 6-6.5 months (they appeared within days of each other). There are babies in our mom group who are almost 9 months and haven't cut any teeth yet. The first time LO bit me, I yelped in surprise, which startled him. I firmly told him, "No biting. Biting hurts momma." He cried a few tears (poor baby! poor momma!), but latched on again oh so gently while watching my face to see what would happen! Sometimes when he gets really goofy, he'll almost bite down, but I repeat the 'no biting' line and take him off immediately. He laughs at me, but doesn't try biting down again. An LC I used to see advised me not to yell out or make a huge deal about the biting because it may bring on a nursing strike and I could see how that could happen. I know some moms who have gotten through nursing three kids without getting bitten and some who were bitten by all three of their babies. Knotted washcloths put in the freezer are great for teething! Just feel for sharp frozen bits before giving to baby. Good luck!

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