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    I have a new baby, born at home on March 21. He is our sixth and last child, all of which I have not been able to bf for longer than three days. I have always tried, but always end up stopping, sadly, regretfully.... I get horribly bloody, torn up nipples, not from poor latching but from thrush, every single time.

    Thist time around I stopped bf'ing after three days. Then started again after a week for two days, but couldn't take the pain. Tried again after another week for a day, and now haven't for about two weeks. Throughout all of that I have tried gentian violet, which works well, but cannot be used after three days I read. I used Diflucan, but it didn't help much and my Dr. wouldn't give me a prescription for longer than nine days.

    My milk has dried up, but now I'm drinking Chinese Herbs trying to kill the yeast because I really want to bf, it kills me to not be able to. I put him back on my breast but he got a bit upset, not anything really in there to drink. I also have been drinking Mothers Milk tea.

    Any advise on getting rid of this thrush besides what I have already tried? I would also like to know if it would even be possible to bring my milk back without having to pump or buy a sns?

    TIA I appreciate the time anyone has taken to read this and reply...

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    Im sure some of the ladies on here will help!
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    IVe never heard you cann't use GV longer then 3 days

    have you read about this ointment:

    IT works well for lots of mothers.

    Is baby willing to latch on the breast any?
    there is info about restarting breastfeeding here
    Your baby is pretty young yet if you set your mind to making milk I bet you'll get it done.


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    Yes, he latches great, but there is'nt any milk after a couple of sucks. How can I get a Dr to write a script for that ointment?
    How long can I use gv?

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    I have no experience with thrush sorry, but if you can handle pumping, I would HIGHLY recommend getting a hospital grade pump and pumping in addition to trying to nurse.

    I've been exclusively pumping for 3 months for a number of reasons, and went from 4 oz to now 16 oz a day. I'd be happy to give you pointers, if you will be pumping.

    The key to milk production is milk removal. While teas, herbs, prescriptions help, the way you will get your milk back is from TONS AND TONS of stimulation, either through nursing or pumping. When milk gets removed, you are telling your body to make more.

    And since he latches on well, maybe you can get a supplemental nursing system (SNS) where you would give him his feedings at the breast. A little tube gets taped near your nipple and he drinks the formula while stimulating your breast to make milk. Win-win, though I will admit it is tricky to use.

    I hope someone else on here can help with the thrush!

    Good luck! I admire your persistance (and you've already exceeded your previous attempts!).
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    Do you have any other signs of thrush? I also have experienced bleeding from cracked nipples in the beginning with both of my babies, but it was a combination of a newborn latch (tiny mouths, strong suck) and very sensitive skin. With both babies I somehow got through the first six weeks and after that, no more pain. I took Motrin through the worst of it and did pump for about 24 hours when the wounds were the worst to allow them to heal a bit.

    Were you given antibiotics during labor? Have you seen a board-certified lactation consultant? There is no substitute for hands-on, expert help from someone who understands what you are going through. I think it is possible to relactate but it will require seeing an LC to make sure your latch is good, confirming whether you have thrush and treating it properly (while continuing to nurse), pumping every couple of hours to stimulate milk production and getting your baby on the breast as often as possible.

    You can do this!

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