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Thread: Best way to get baby to take water

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    Question Best way to get baby to take water

    We started introducing our LO to solids at 6m & he is now 7 mths and having 2 meals a day. Before this he was EBF.

    He's a "hot" baby and sweats when we are in the car already (we don't have aircon) and has never liked to be too covered.

    The only "liquids" he takes is breast milk, but with the introduction of solids I tried to get him to take a little water but he really doesn't like it. It's popular here to add fennel or camomile but he's not into either and I can't find apple juice to add to the water.

    I have read that if he continues to take in breast milk other liquids aren't required, but wanted to confirm this as we are heading into his first summer and he has decreased his day time feeds on his own. Also, any other ideas to introduce baby to water??? and how much should we add to the water?

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    Default Re: Best way to get baby to take water

    As long as he's still actively nursing water isn't necessary. But if you wanted to introduce a cup, you could put and ounce or two of water in the cup. If he doesn't like water, and you have expressed milk, you could put some milk in there as well!

    We live in a hot climate, so I'm always worried my kids are getting enough fluids. Just watch for diaper output and keep offering him the breast as much as he wants it. And don't forget to keep yourself hydrated.
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    Default Re: Best way to get baby to take water

    Baby will be ok with unlimited nursing - but YOU need to make sure YOU are drinking LOTS of water.

    Try different types of cups. Neither of my LO has liked a traditional "sippy cup".

    Personally - I wouldn't add anything to water. Definitely no need for juice in a baby that young.
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    Default Re: Best way to get baby to take water

    Water is not necessary at this point, breastmilk is best. If he doesn't want it, I wouldn't push it. I would offer water if I was offering crackers or another dry food like rice or potatoes. But other than that, my kids usually had fruit or veggies on their plates which has water in it. I would nurse after meals aswell.

    Here are some links with more info:


    In addition, breastfed babies do not require water when it is very hot outside, assuming baby is allowed to nurse as needed. Baby can get all the liquids needed via breastmilk. A number of studies have determined that an exclusively breastfed baby does not need extra water - these studies have been done in various locations (both humid and dry) at temperatures ranging from 22-41°C (71.6-105.8°F) and 9-96% relative humidity
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    Default Re: Best way to get baby to take water

    Thank you mammas

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    Neither of my two really wanted to nurse much when it was hot unless I made sure they were cool for the feed. Try to have your little one as undressed as is practical for the duration of the feed, and the less snuggling during the feed as possible will help. I think my son, especially, shied away from nursing in the heat if it was going to make him even hotter.

    I agree with the suggestions of trying alternate cups, or even spoon feeding liquids, and yes, try using expressed breastmilk. You already know he likes it.

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    Talking Re: Best way to get baby to take water

    The best way I've found for a baby that age is with a Zoli cup (you can pick one up on Amazon)... It has a built-in silicon straw. I showed my LO how to use it when she was about that age - put it in her mouth, she chewed on it, then watched me suck the straw, then she sucked the straw. Immediate success! It was recommended to me by another mama, worked like a charm.

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    How about an ice cube, lemon slice, or apple wedge in the sippy cup with the water? These things worked to entice DD to drink when she was little.

    A *very* long time ago (so I'm a bit foggy on the details), I read that the consistency of breast milk actually changes with the climate the mom is exposed to, so on a hot day, the milk will be more...I guess "diluted" would be the word, to ensure the baby stays hydrated. Or something like that. So cool, huh?

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