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Thread: Repeat plugged ducts

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    Unhappy Repeat plugged ducts

    I have been breastfeeding now for 8 weeks - it has been really hard, but so far I have stuck it out. Last week I had to go back to work because I didn't qualify for FMLA leave and had to start pumping at work but have been struggling with repeat plugged ducts. This has been an ongoing battle for me; I'll get blockages in the right breast, it will clear up, then I'll get blockages in the left and then everything will be dandy for a few days before it starts back up again. Since starting work however, I got a massive blockage on the right (the night before going back to work) that took three days to clear up, and then the left acted up and by Thursday both breasts had blocked ducts! This has all caused my milk supply to tank since I can't get the milk to come out efficiently and the only thing that really clears the blocked ducts has been nursing all night on the affected breast. But then I'll get up and the other breast will then have blockages from not being drained all night.

    Help! I need a better strategy! I am already pumping every 2 hours at work and nursing constantly after work, all night and about 1.5 hours before I go to work.

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    Aw, Mama, I'm so sorry! That sounds rotten. When a mom who is pumping a lot has recurrent plugged ducts, I always wonder if the pump is at fault. Poorly fitting breast shields could be the problem. You might want to try the next size up and see if there's a difference. Also, a soy lecithin supplement can't hurt and may help!

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    Try the soy lecithin tabs. And is there anyway you can get to see a LC? They can help you with the pump parts and see if a different sized flange is needed.

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