My daughter is 7 weeks and I had problems with fissures and cracks on my left breast for a few weeks. My right breast is completely fine and never experienced any cracked nipples or soreness. On my left breast I've been pumping for the last week and a half so the fissure could heal. It finally did but there were still some cracks on the nipple. I was able to put my daughter on that left breast this week but then developed flu like symptoms. I have had a low grade fever between 99-100.7 for the past couple of days. I also felt run-down with body aches. After taking advil, and resting I've felt better and my temperature has returned to normal. I don't have any tenderness or red spots on my left breast, but I thought I felt a knotty area. I thought I had mastitis but since my symptoms got better I just thought maybe it was a plugged duct. The only bad part is that my supply has decreased by half. I use to be able to pump 3-5 oz's from that breast depending on the time of day. Now I can only pump about 1-2 oz's. Has this happened to anyone who has had a plugged duct? Does your supply return?